Knowledge: the key to success

Software patents as a restraining influence on the free flow of knowledge

Without a doubt, there are many arguments both for and against the ie of software patents. While many of these arguments are based on a technical framework, there is a more fundamental basis for the rejection of software patents. In essence, software patents act as a restraining influence on the free flow of knowledge.

We often hear of the "information society" being knowledge-based and knowledge-driven. Computer software epitomizes such a paradigm. The code contained within a program is merely a set of instructions based on what is known or can be learned from the hardware available. It is the mechanisms for information input and output through this hardware which enable users to interact with computers, and which differentiates these types of machines from others.

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“Bully for the congressman”

Unabashedly, right-wing extremist websites celebrate the violence against pds politician sayan and auslander

Anyone who doubts whether the attack on the pds politician giyasettin sayan was motivated by racism only has to look around on influential right-wing extremist websites to see the hame and approval expressed there, and thus the context in which such acts of violence are carried out. And the fact that sometimes police officers take action against xenophobic and racist polemics only hesitantly, if at all, had been shown recently by an incident in halle. There, at a football match, the dark-skinned leipzig player adebowale ogungbure was not only insulted and ridiculed by dull "fans" as usual, but also spat at and beaten up. The police did not get the ubeltater, but ogungbure was reported by them for making the hitlergrub cynically in front of the tribune in response to the racist attacks (will the fubball world be a guest of friends?).

This is an apparently tolerated mood in the country, which is soon to receive many people from all over the world for the world cup and which urgently needed to show tolerance and openness to people from all over the world instead of stupid xenophobia in order to remain economically and culturally attractive and efficient. At the same time, the so-called "no-go areas" or "foreigner-free zones", where the german neo-nazis who are not integrated into society and are filled with violence live, are not only a problem for people who somehow do not look german, even if they are. Here, retarded, politically, culturally and economically dwindling parallel societies could form, which, unlike slums or ghettos in other countries, stand for the whole country and can pull it into a dangerous isolation out of a truly blinded, alcohol-tranquilized ideology of supposed identity. "No-go" doesn’t have to be a street, a neighborhood, or a community, but if there is a fear that you are not safe in a place because of your appearance, that is enough.

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Bremer and the ayatollah

Iraq: shiite leader ali sistani calls for early general elections. Bremer seeks un support for own election mode

"America claims it is bringing democracy and freedoms to countries. Well, let it give us elections. Especially since we have lived through 35 years of darkness, we need an election that represents the people." a voice among the nearly 100,000 shiites who took to the streets of baghdad today to demand elections that will finally give iraq a sovereign government.

Bremer and his administration also want elections, but according to the timetable set in mid-november and with an election mode to which shiite leader ayatollah ali sistani has shown clear opposition from the outset. Bremer and some members of the iraqi governing council are in new york today to get the support of kofi annan, the un secretary general: annan is expected to help "godfather" convince the shiites that a general election in iraq cannot be held in the short time until june for technical reasons. The leitmotif is that the un’s involvement, the details of which are still unclear, should give the elections a legitimacy that outweighs the constant doubts as to whether the transition mode proposed by the americans is guided more by american interests than by the oft-invoked intention of leaving iraq to the iraqis as soon as possible.

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Lignite phase-out missed for the time being

Lignite phase-out missed for now

Janschwalde opencast lignite mine with the janschwalde power plant. Image: hanno bock/cc0

The energy and climate newsreel: energy policy review and outlook

Warnings that germany will miss its climate targets for 2020 have been sounding since before yesterday. The german government’s climate protection report for 2015 on the action program 2020 confirms this amption, even if it is not explicitly formulated as follows. Germany has set itself the goal of reducing its co2 emissions by 40 percent compared with the base year 1990. By 2015, 27 percent of this had been achieved.

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With bjork in the bitstream

Mtv plays with formats to make video clips www-ready

The interactive broadband revolution, with movies, documentaries and art videos delivered to the home via the internet, always seems to be just around the corner, and has been for some time now. However, most home users still have the problem of transmission rates to fully enjoy network-ready interactive digital movie formats. Mtv, the broadcaster that made the music video popular, is now trying out a format called webeos or i-clips, which is supposed to translate the video clip into the www, bandwidth-saving but clickable. Krystian woznicki has been exposed to the flickering per second and reports from the front of networked home entertainment.

Since the end of august, the online platforms of the music television channel mtv have been enriched by interactive clips. What is called webeo in the usa is called i-clip in germany. "A new media format", as promised in the accompanying declarations, these internet clips are not, at least from a technical point of view. Scripted (programmed, you shouldn’t really call it), the clips are in macromedia director and flash, packaged in shockwave.

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“I am very glad that there is wikileaks. Who else shows the courage?”

Image: pixabay license

The case of johannes stefansson – no ordinary whistleblower. Rainer winters on the exposure of corruption and money laundering

When it comes to whistleblowers, it gets a little scary. You could open a losing account. Let’s remember with what hopes years ago the platform wikileaks was linked and how then later julian assange is treated. The trial he is being tried for is a political one. He has thrown the power usa under the bus with the material on wikileaks. Journalism and democracy need such revelations.

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False incentives

An american without health insurance robbed a bank pro forma because he hoped to get pain treatment while in prison

On 9. In june, james richard verone walked up to the counter of a random rbc bank in gaston county and handed the teller a note saying this was a robbery and to give him a dollar. He then announced he was going to sit down in the patron area and wait for the police – which he did.

Verone is not an action artist. The background to his crime is that the 59-year-old suffers from, among other things, carpal tunnel syndrome, a lump on his chest and severe back pain. And because he lost his job after 17 years as a beverage delivery driver for the soft drink manufacturer coca cola, and because other professional attempts failed (also due to his health problems), he can no longer afford to seek medical treatment due to a lack of health insurance.

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End-to-end-capged video conferencing: teamviewer meeting now for free

End-to-end-capged video conferencing: TeamViewer Meeting now for free

Teamviewer meeting is now available in the teamviewer client and compatible with a stand-alone version. End-to-end-capged (e2ee) video conferencing are thus free of charge for all users, both on the desktop and mobile. Originally braid the in-house conference service blizz, now the name was also adjusted.

"Due to the global need for more reliable, safer, digital communication and online conference functions, we want to provide every teamviewer user a easy-to-use meeting solution directly in his teamviewer client", says christoph schneider, director of product management at teamviewer.

5, 10 or 300 participants in the meeting

For the functions of teamviewer meeting instant conferences directly from the contact list, for paying customers, there are the possibility to lock ongoing meetings to prevent unwanted guests, password protection for conferences, the outlook integration for appointments and a recording function. It is also a telephone dial-up possible, but then, of course, no e2ee is more likely. However, the hosts can reject such a dial-up from the outset so that the closure is ensured. The conferences run with hd video quality and 4k multimonitor screensharing, explaining teamviewer.

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Does not the ecb need to be criticized more harshly??

The ecb is doing a reasonable job under the given circumstances, which include its own dogma

In the last few days it has become too colorful for some of our readers. They criticize us for being too sympathetic to the european central bank (ecb) and its latest billion-dollar program.One asks why we did not join the fierce criticism from the left-wing political spectrum of the ecb’s latest decisions. There it is insisted that all this helps again only the banks and the speculators, not however the normal burger.

It is also said that the central bank is completely ignoring the possibilities that exist to stimulate the economy in a way that at the same time helps to reduce inequality. The argument has even been taken up by the faz! But then the leftists should become clairvoyant. When this newspaper criticizes redistribution at the expense of the little people, it surely wants to attack something else entirely, in this case the ecb, of course, and any argument will do.

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No light at the end of the shore

No light at the end of the shore

Image: hans braxmeier

After the dark winter, chancellor angela merkel expects more difficult months ahead

Germany, march 2021. The winter is coming to an end. This is exactly what angela merkel had predicted at the end of october. At that time, during a tough debate in the bundestag at the beginning of new corona-related restrictions, the chancellor had declared: "winter will be hard, four long hard months, but it will end."

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