Ford manager expects push for green and small cars

A massive push toward smaller and more environmentally friendly cars is expected by ford’s european manager for environmental and legal affairs, wolfgang schneider. In an interview with the industry newspaper automobilwoche schneider said that in view of the current financial and sales crisis, the time has come for a fundamental turnaround in the automotive business. This is particularly evident in the u.S., where the electric car has gained enormous popularity in a very short time.

Even the paris motor show had shown how clear this trend is. Not only the volume manufacturers, but also the "premium manufacturers" are heading in the direction of greener and smaller cars. This is not only about environmental protection, but also about energy independence. This debate, which has been going on vehemently in the usa for a long time, is now also coming to europe. Schneider acknowledges that the smart was a pioneer in the increasingly important market segment of ecologically sustainable city cars. In the meantime, however, there is much more than the smart and there will be more to come. Ford has so far underestimated the hybrid and electric segment in europe. Nevertheless, the company is still focusing on micro-hybrids for the time being, because ford’s "customer base does not yet want a full hybrid car: the technology is still too expensive. The electric car is also in the back of the company’s mind, but it is still holding back somewhat because a business model has not yet been developed.

Despite all the prophecies of doom, the fuel cell car has also made amazing progress. From today’s point of view, schneider does not expect the first series-produced vehicle in 50 years, but "already in 20 years. Compared to the electric car, the fuel cell also has the advantage of not requiring rare raw materials such as silicon. This argument, too, has led to sustained research into this technology in the usa. In germany, ford presented the ford focus fcv with fuel cell drive as early as 2002, and some of them have been in practical use for several years now.

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Marketing for photographers: how to become unique!

A little experiment: please look at your watch! Every day each of us is about 13.000 advertising messages exposed. Since i ame that you have been on my legs for a few hours, they were already seen several hundred advertising messages at this time. Remember the last three of them? If you know this question "yes" be answered, i envy you for your thought. If no: do not worry: that’s how most people are!

Competition forces us to communicate

This small experiment shows in which dilemma we are: on the one hand, our spiritual recording capacitance does not grow so fast that we can process all the advertising impresses that are consciously processed on us roaring. On the other hand, the number of advertising messages we are exposed to daily. Guilt is the growing competition. We all have to fight that there are companies that make something similar or exactly the same as we do. That’s exactly why we have to communicate. The question is: people can remember them when looking for a photographer? Or burn only money in the fight for attention?

We read an article and are interrupted in our read flow through an advertisement, we are sitting at the airport and just want to see a video on youtube briefly and have to bear the advertisement before this video. How do you feel in such moments? The consequences of unwanted and annoying advertising communications were recently examined in the study communication crackdown: more than half of the respondents surveyed whether they continue to remain customer of the advertising company. 63 percent indicate to want to spend less money with these companies. And with two-thirds of respondents, the brand loyalty drops drastically. No particularly pleasing result. But how is it relevant to them, instead of being annoyed, to be perceived to get an order?

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Financial and ministry of justice “blockchain bond” enable

Financial and Ministry of Justice'blockchain-anleihe' ermoglichen'blockchain-anleihe' ermoglichen

The federal government is working to open german law for electronic securities on the basis of the blockchain. Iers are meant to be able to choose from articles whether they want to spend bonds as a traditional certificate or electronically. The currently compelling "documents" was abandoned.

This sees a speecher design for the tuesday "law for the introduction of electronic securities" before, from the federal ministries for finance and for justice and consumer protection . The freedom of freedom should therefore be considered first on holder bonds, the inclusion of other forms such as shares but "at a later date".

"Tour of innovative technologies"

"In the financial market there is the increasing requirement, innovative technologies" how to use the blockchain, justify the ministries your project. The decentralized storage and database technology is well suited for the purpose. However, the planned clause is neutral, an electronic edition of securities should also be outside "distributed ledger technologies" murdle.

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Mercedes classic center irvine

Irvine, california (usa), 23. June 2016 – irvine is a three-quarter hour of los angeles, at the intersection of highways 5 and 405. Only a few miles away from costa mesa, newport beach, corona del mar or laguna beach, some of the richest communities in the usa. Probably nowhere is the density of oldtimers high than here, between los angeles and san diego. A flyer on the stragecke is as well as everyday as the new porsche 930 turbo, whose owner is currently coming from early sports.

Around ten years ago, daimler built an oldtimer workshop in irvine with the classic center, which quickly gained world call. It was clearly worthwhile to set up a dependance of the classic center in the schwabische fellbach. This restoration specialist with museum has built daimler, similar to porsche, bmw, jaguar land rover or ferrari in local arches. Measurailed vintage cars reprappeeled again, but also has rough charm here in california. So many rolling contemporary witnesses and financial customers can only be found here. Since 2007, they have been bringing their historical cars to review, repair or complete restoration to the classic center under the driving of michael kunz.

Behind the mirrored glass panes of inconspicuous construction, even experienced classical friends go the eyes over. A few meters behind the desk and a pair of decoration elements shines a black mercedes 300 d adenauer in new condition with "1961" on the vanity-plate (desired license plate). Right next to it: a wives 300er roadster, a bright red mercedes clk 63 amg black series, a flyer and the faithful replica of the tricycle of bertha benz. Caution. Best take someone with that you can warn you from unuitized actions: all vehicles in the exhibition space are for sale!

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Politicians plan reintroduction of data retention

Merkel to urge eu commission to quickly draft new directive

In france, the twelve-month data retention period that has been in place since 2006 was unable to prevent either the massacre at the charlie hebdo editorial office or the murders of jewish supermarket customers and police officers. Thanks to her, all that is known now is that the fugitive hayat b. Last year huygens made about 500 phone calls to the wife of the assassin cherif kouachi. To what extent this can contribute substantially to finding the truth is an open question. But because both individuals were known extremists, there was no need to monitor the telephone and internet connections of the entire population in any case.

Nevertheless, in the wake of the attacks, german politicians are coming forward with calls for the reintroduction of this tool, which has been halted by the federal constitutional court: thomas strobl, a member of the cdu in baden-wurttemberg (who was surprisingly defeated by the relatively unknown guido wolf in a member poll to select the top candidate for the 2016 state elections late last year) told the mirror in this context, "every day without data retention" be "for the safety of citizens a lost day". According to him, this is not about "total surveillance" or "temposunder" [sic], but around "organized crime, child pornography and terrorism".

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Wind energy: federal network agency writes offshore flat

Wind energy: Federal Network Agency writes offshore flat

The federal network agency has announced two flats in the north and a flat in the baltic sea for wind turbines. The tender volume amounts to a total of 958 mw, including 658 mw in the north sea and 300 mw in the baltic sea. The wind farms should be completed by 2026.

The federal government is seeking to expand offshore wind energy by 2030 to 20 gw. So far, about 7.8 gw electricity are generated on german flats in this way. By 2025, the federal network agency wants to launch a total capacity of just under 9.7 gw.

No systems currently under construction

Counters can be bids up to 1. September 2021 are submitted, the highest value for bids amounts to 7.3 ct / kwh. The bidder should receive the bidder for the advertised flats, which registers the lowest demand for demand for a wind farm on the flatness, emerges from the tender . For two of the three flats are statutory entry rights of the companies, which were originally planned offshore wind farms.

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Parental allowance: commercial break from life

The maximum payments of parental allowance are to be spared from the austerity plans, according to the family ministry. It would be better to abolish parental allowance altogether, as designed by von der leyen

That there will be cuts in parental allowance is considered certain. Achieving the government’s savings target "cannot work without savings in parental benefits," announced family minister schroder. Where it short wants, does not stand however yet firmly. Decided is still nothing, one became "still different models durchrechnen". But schroder has already made it clear what is not to be saved on.

The maximum payments for high-earning parents should be exempt from cuts. The high benefit of 1800 euros per month, paid for one year, must remain untouched. Whoever wants to cut back here has "not understood the basic idea of parental allowance". The original plan to increase the paternity months from two to four months, and thus to increase the parental allowance, which is limited to one year, to 16 months, is off the table. Also the introduction of the partial parental allowance.

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Coilovers for vw polo v from kw automotive

Coilovers for vw polo v from kw automotive

Fichtenberg, 12. August 2009 – the new vw polo is barely rolling down the street, and it’s already getting closer. Tuner kw automotive now offers three different coilovers for the fifth generation of the small car.

Galvanized or stainless steel

Variant 1 with a fixed damper detection and a tuv-tested lowering in an adjustment range of 35 to 65 millimeters, the coilover suspension is supposed to offer a good mix of sportiness, comfort and safety. There is a galvanized version and a version with stainless steel housing, which should ensure a long life even with sporty use and winter use. The second variant of the coilover suspension is always made of stainless steel and is delivered with an adjustable rebound damping. Here the driver can make beside the individual lowering also still another anpang in the setup and adjust to its personal needs.

Derived from motorsport

The third version was derived from motorsport and is intended to provide sporty performance or high comfort, depending on the setting. The separately and independently adjustable compression and rebound damping allows a wide variety of individual chassis approaches. The patented system allows the adjustment of the rebound and compression damping for slower speeds. The so-called high-speed range, on the other hand, is fixed, which is intended to improve driving safety. The coilovers for the new polo are available from 799 euros. The scope of delivery includes a tuv certificate and detailed installation and adjustment instructions.

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