Mediterranean notes for the data center location germany

Mediterranean notes for the data center location Germany

Germany offers data center operators only mediocre conditions. At this end, the consulting company arcadis comes in his data center location index 2021. It has examined the location conditions in 50 established and emerging it nations. At the same time, but, among other things, go to the most attractive data center locations in europe, among other things because of the high data demand, the analysts.

Guided in the worldwide comparison are the usa, followed by singapore and japan. After that, northern europe: sweden, norway, danemark, the united arab emirates, finland, france and switzerland completed the top10. The federal republic of germany landed in 26th 26th. Before her, among other things, gross britain (13), luxembourg (17), the netherlands (19), poland (20), estonia (23), austria (24) and russia (25), behind it the tax paradise ireland ( 28), lithuania (29) spain (30), italy (31), belgium (32), iceland (36), portugal (37) and czech republic (38).

In addition to the reliability, the nature and costs of energy supply, the duration of the approval processes, the cyber security, the data protection and the provisions for the protection of privacy on the framework conditions, also the operating costs, state incentives and potential environmental impact.

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The gun lobby in the us election campaign

U.S. Vice president cheney was celebrated at the annual convention of the national rifle association, soon there could again be legal submachine guns on the market in the u.S

Enthusiastically, american gun enthusiasts celebrated vice president dick cheney saturday night at the pittsburgh convention center. The reason was the 133. Membership meeting of the national rifle association (nra, made famous worldwide by its then-president charlton heston in michael moore’s film bowling for columbine). The reason for cheney’s appearance, who rarely makes public speeches, is the power and membership strength of the gun lobby. Their influence in the u.S. Congress and the white house is so great that submachine guns and other heavy assault weapons, which have been respected since 1994, could soon be freely sold again.

"Four more years, four more years", shouted about 4.000 nra members chanted after his speech to the man considered by many to be the real movers and shakers in the white house and for "the brain" george bush’s. Dick cheney, himself an avid hunter and, more importantly, a shrewd auben and domestic power politician, laughingly accepted the nra trademark from the nra chiefs: a rifle. Charlton heston had made it a symbol in 2000 against democratic presidential candidate al gore, who was arguing for tougher gun laws, brandishing it over his head and shouting that he could have his gun taken away "only from its cold, dead hands" take away.

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Refugees: horror on chios

Refugees: horror on chios

Photo: wassilis aswestopoulos

Unrest in greece – political climate against migrants worsens

On chios on thursday, a young syrian attempted to commit suicide by self-immolation. It is said that he could not bear the living conditions in the camp vial for a long time. The man, whose crime is described in a facebook video, was hospitalized with severe burn injuries. He is said to have been burned to 85 percent of his body. A policeman who rushed to his aid was also injured.

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Microsoft is closing almost all of your own store

Microsoft is closing almost all of your own store

Microsoft draws itself worldwide with its 82 own shops from retailing. The rally of the software group on friday in redmond. The shops should be closed. Only the stores london, new york, sydney and near the company headquarters in redmond should be "microsoft experience center" stay in which then but no goods are sold more.

Apple’s success never reached

How many workplaces will be affected by the measures, microsoft did not say. The group’s customer, members of the retail team continued to offer customers from the microsoft company locations from looking after and from remote sales, training and support.

Microsoft had begun in 2009 to imitate the success of the numerous apple stores in the us with a chain of individual retailers. There were microsoft products such as the surface calculator or the game console xbox, but also gates from manufacturers like dell, hp and lenovo. In addition, there was new technique as the augmented reality glasses hololens present. The microsoft stores could never reach the economic success of apple stores, but also because microsoft no longer had on his own smartphones after the setting of the windows phones, during the iphone the managed in the apple loading.

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Gm: “opel will still be part of the group in 10 or 15 years’ time”

The general motors (gm) automotive group has ied a guarantee of continued existence to its opel subsidiary, but the russelsheim company is being thwarted in the attractive brazilian market. Gm relies there on the chevrolet.

The good news was brought back by hesse’s minister president volker bouffier (cdu) from his trip to the usa. Opel will "definitely still be part of the group in 10 or 15 years," gm vice president robert ferguson said friday (local time) after a meeting in detroit with the cdu politician. Ferguson stressed, "normally, we don’t like to make forecasts over such a long time horizon. But opel is such a valuable building block of our group that i have no problem making this prediction."The german sites are an outstanding part of the group and centers for design and research. "That’s why i see a bright future for opel."Among other things, hesse’s head of government had visited wisconsin, hesse’s partner region, and met with gm people.

In ubersee gm shows however further borders to the germans and prefers chevrolet. The automobile week (monday) opel ceo karl-friedrich stracke said: "we will not go into brazil, we will leave that to chevrolet."He did not want to evaluate the decision from detroit. Brazil is gm’s third most important market after china and the u.S., the paper reported. Thanks to rapid growth, the brazilian car market will overtake germany this year.

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The cabinet of horrors made up of losers

The cabinet of horrors made up of losers

Graphic: tp

The downfall of schulz, merkel and the spd – a commentary

It was almost forgotten that we have been without a government since september 2017. Certainly no one missed it and lo and behold: the country worked anyway. Now, after four months and two run-ups, the formation of the government should be completed. It must be acknowledged without envy that some less progressive countries are getting their act together faster. The cdu/csu, spd, grune and fdp were much quicker to reach agreement on the increase in the diats in december 2017. But bygones be bygones.

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Mother of the privacy policy: the “108” will be 40

Mother of the Privacy Policy: The'108' wird 40'108' wird 40

It is considered the mother of the first privacy policy of the eu adopted in 1995. At the same time, she may also refer to as a father of modern privacy in times of automated data processing. Today "international day of privacy" will the convention 108 of the council of europe in strabburg, with full title "convention on the protection of man in the automatic processing of personal data" homes, 40 years old.

On the 28th. January 1981, seven of the then twenty member states of the regional states of staff signed. Only on four years later she entered into force with the ratification by sweden. The signatory state turkey even needed so long that ratification was still working there before 2018 named the neufang – just 108+ – by the now 47 member states was decided.

Basic data protection as a prerequisite for transfers

The 108+ continues the tradition of the 108 insofar as it tries to regulate the data protection ies of the future in a globalized world. For the total scope of the ratifying states, it guarantees the protection of the burgers in times of increasing data collection and data transfers. Everyone is eliminating that data is collected and processed only with his consent or legal basis. He has a fundamental claim for information, correct position and release. A distinction between data protection in the private and public area has never made the 108.

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Ford ranger wildtrak with new diesel engine

Ford ranger wildtrak with new diesel engine

Koln, 21. May 2007 – only a few months after the market launch of the new ranger in february 2007, ford is expanding the model range for the cross-country pickup truck. The ranger wildtrak is now on the market. The model is delivered exclusively with a double cab. The so-called double cab has four doors and offers space for up to five adults.

New three-liter diesel engine

The wildtrak is powered exclusively by a new 3.0-liter, four-cylinder, 156-horsepower diesel engine combined with a manual transmission. The engine develops 380 newton meters at 1800 rpm. Like all ranger variants, the wildtrak is normally driven via the rear wheels. You can switch to all-wheel drive manually at any time. The wildtrak accelerates to 100 km/h in 13.4 seconds. Ford gives the average consumption with 9.2 liters on 100 kilometers.

16-inch alurader and more

The wildtrak’s features include 16-inch six-spoke aluminum wheels, rearview mirrors with integrated turn signal lamps, a chrome grille, sporty side sill guards and side air intakes, a body-color aerodynamic sport bar, a chrome rear underride guard, electronic parking assist, a leather steering wheel and shift knob, and overhead bin lighting. In addition, the wildtrak has a battery of special gauges on the dashboard. In addition to a compass and an air temperature gauge, there is also an inclinometer and a gradiometer for off-road use. A retractable blind for the cargo area is available as an option.

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Interview gesche jager: looking for the father

After their training as a photographer, a further education in the field of media design and the study of photography, gesche jagery worked first as a free photographer in bielefeld. Since 2010 she lives and works in hamburg. Since 2011, jager is also a member of the fotoeagentur laif. Christoph twickel has her for lakes.By in september 2013 hit.

Mrs. Jager, in the irregular picture band "fatherland" portrate eleven very different father – from daddy with eight children to the seed dispenser, who did not know how many children he has begotten. Her first photo book traded from a variety of singles in women’s army areas of east germany. They are obviously interested in manners in extreme situations.

Gesche jager: i like to deal with topics that the social change shows. At "fatherland" i wanted to find out how the role of the man has changed in the family.

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Before the tsunami

The bursting of the speculative bubble in the u.S. Real estate market is weighing on the u.S. Economy and was one of the causes of the recent turmoil in world financial markets

Since "black tuesday", 27. In the wake of the global financial crisis of february, the most important international stock indices have taken a dive, and a price recovery is taking place only creepily, if at all. The massive price losses on the world’s financial markets have often been portrayed in the local press as a mere "price correction" that is not based on any fundamental economic aberrations. At least in the case of the usa this is not the case, the most important economy of the world is visibly slowed down by the bursting of the speculation bubble on the us real estate market, which has been growing for years, a recession seems to be quite probable in the meantime.

This downturn of the u.S. Real estate market, which is gaining momentum, is now destroying millions of lives of american burgers. According to the latest statistics, 1.2 million mortgaged homes were subject to foreclosure in 2006. Compared to 2005, there has been a 42 percent increase in total foreclosures in the u.S. At the beginning of 2007, the number of homeowners unable to shoulder the debt that comes with buying a home jumped again: 19 percent more homes went into foreclosure in january than the previous month, meaning that more than one percent of all mortgages in the u.S. Are now defaulted on.

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