End-to-end-capged video conferencing: teamviewer meeting now for free

End-to-end-capged video conferencing: TeamViewer Meeting now for free

Teamviewer meeting is now available in the teamviewer client and compatible with a stand-alone version. End-to-end-capged (e2ee) video conferencing are thus free of charge for all users, both on the desktop and mobile. Originally braid the in-house conference service blizz, now the name was also adjusted.

"Due to the global need for more reliable, safer, digital communication and online conference functions, we want to provide every teamviewer user a easy-to-use meeting solution directly in his teamviewer client", says christoph schneider, director of product management at teamviewer.

5, 10 or 300 participants in the meeting

For the functions of teamviewer meeting instant conferences directly from the contact list, for paying customers, there are the possibility to lock ongoing meetings to prevent unwanted guests, password protection for conferences, the outlook integration for appointments and a recording function. It is also a telephone dial-up possible, but then, of course, no e2ee is more likely. However, the hosts can reject such a dial-up from the outset so that the closure is ensured. The conferences run with hd video quality and 4k multimonitor screensharing, explaining teamviewer.

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Gentle insights: the new honda insight in detroit

Gentle insights: the new honda insight in detroit

Detroit (usa), 12. January 2009 – so far, honda played on the german market for hybrid vehicles only a supporting role, which dominates toyota prius clearly dominates the hybrid compact class. But honda made it clear in december that a lot is expected in the hybrid sector in the nearer and medium-sized future. After suggesting that honda the new insight for under 20.000 euro wants to offer, the attack on toyota also succeeded in the german market. First of all, the insight is at the north american international auto show (17. To 25. January 2009 in detroit) in the floodlight.

4.4 liters for five persons

The chic styled car reminiscent in many elements strongly on honda’s fuel cell flagship fcx clarity. Inside, according to honda, the insight offers a spacious funf man cabin with a backbank tube retrievable in the ratio 60 to 40. However, at the center of interest is the drive system: a 1.3-liter four-cylinder light metal engine with 65 kw (88 hp) is supported by a 10 kw electric motor (14-hp). On average, the drive should be 4.4 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, the co2 outlet top amounts 101 g / km. The fact that the co2 outstanded is lower than after the previous computing scheme, according to honda, with the euro-5 homologation of the insight, the 5 percent share of bioethanol is considered considering.

Something surprisingly is in view of the mildhybrid technique that the insight can drive up to "medium speeds" purely electrically. According to honda, this occurs, for example, at inner-stadtical constant ride often, without having to force this by pressing a button. In this case, the internal combustion engine is not decoupled, but run without fuel supply and with slightly sooped valves, so that only a little motor brake torque applies. When braking and sliding operation, electrical energy is moving into the nickel-metal hydride battery (recuperation), which sits in the rear underbody of the vehicle. As a transmission acts as well as the civic hybrid a stepless transmission (cvt).

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Mi air charge: xiaomi ladies mobile phones from several meters

Mi Air Charge: Xiaomi Ladies mobile phones from several meters

Xiaomi works on a wireless loading technique that can also rechargeases such as smartphones from several meters distance. In a blog entry, the company introduces a coarse sowing box that recharges devices in the room – even if they are in use.

This technique called mi air charge is experimental. Xiaomi will not launch a product with mi air charge this year, the chinese company has proven the chinese company against the verge.

(source: xiaomi)

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Oko audit: fiats new fuel-saving strategies

Oko audit: fiats new fuel-saving strategies

Hamburg, 22. January 2009 – since we have probably still a bit. Only 48 amounts to our eco index after my colleague and i have omitted our spare round with the fiat 500 pur-o2. 100 points had to be able to print in the background in the background, while the data is evaluated on the pc. But fiat not only tries it with contemporary computer coaching, but also has a handy saving technique, such as a start-stop system or all sorts of fine tuning, as other manufacturers with bluemotion and co. Have made.

New fuel-saving label

Under the name "pur-o2", fiat brings several consumption-optimized models on the market. First, the bravo, croma and 500 series are considered. The basis for the bravo pur-o2 is a 1.6-liter diesel with 105 hp, the fine tuning relates to the longest axis control, rolling-resistant tires and the use of lightweight. So a consumption of 4.8 liters is to be reached to 100 kilometers and a co2 outlet of 119 grams per kilometer. The spar-bravo starts at 19.050 euros. A number gross is the croma pur-o2, which from 24.000 euro is available. He is also laid beyond the mentioned mails also 10 millimeters lower. The drive takes over here a 120 hp diesel, which is supposed to be startled at 5.3 liters to 100 kilometers.

Start stop system in the fiat 500

The only gasoline in the pur o2 pallet is the fiat 500. Under his short hood, a gasoline engine works with 69 hp. Instead of detail optimizations, the italians set the "cinquecento" to a start-stop automatic. On request, there is also him with the automated manual transmission "dualogic". On a journey through the hamburg grobstadt getelig with a hand-switched 500, the system could convince because the starting process has failed quickly enough so as not to become a traffic brake. The start-stop mode can also be switched off via a key in the center console. Turn off apropos: under some conditions, the engine remains in any case: to pay a low operating temperature, a switched rear window heater or the circumstance that the preselected interior temperature has not yet been reached. Thus, however, fiat is not alone, because other manufacturers such as bmw also see for the benefit of passenger, electrical system and engine similar restrictions.

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Financial and ministry of justice “blockchain bond” enable

Financial and Ministry of Justice'blockchain-anleihe' ermoglichen'blockchain-anleihe' ermoglichen

The federal government is working to open german law for electronic securities on the basis of the blockchain. Iers are meant to be able to choose from articles whether they want to spend bonds as a traditional certificate or electronically. The currently compelling "documents" was abandoned.

This sees a speecher design for the tuesday "law for the introduction of electronic securities" before, from the federal ministries for finance and for justice and consumer protection . The freedom of freedom should therefore be considered first on holder bonds, the inclusion of other forms such as shares but "at a later date".

"Tour of innovative technologies"

"In the financial market there is the increasing requirement, innovative technologies" how to use the blockchain, justify the ministries your project. The decentralized storage and database technology is well suited for the purpose. However, the planned clause is neutral, an electronic edition of securities should also be outside "distributed ledger technologies" murdle.

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