Knowledge: the key to success

Software patents as a restraining influence on the free flow of knowledge

Without a doubt, there are many arguments both for and against the ie of software patents. While many of these arguments are based on a technical framework, there is a more fundamental basis for the rejection of software patents. In essence, software patents act as a restraining influence on the free flow of knowledge.

We often hear of the "information society" being knowledge-based and knowledge-driven. Computer software epitomizes such a paradigm. The code contained within a program is merely a set of instructions based on what is known or can be learned from the hardware available. It is the mechanisms for information input and output through this hardware which enable users to interact with computers, and which differentiates these types of machines from others.

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“Bully for the congressman”

Unabashedly, right-wing extremist websites celebrate the violence against pds politician sayan and auslander

Anyone who doubts whether the attack on the pds politician giyasettin sayan was motivated by racism only has to look around on influential right-wing extremist websites to see the hame and approval expressed there, and thus the context in which such acts of violence are carried out. And the fact that sometimes police officers take action against xenophobic and racist polemics only hesitantly, if at all, had been shown recently by an incident in halle. There, at a football match, the dark-skinned leipzig player adebowale ogungbure was not only insulted and ridiculed by dull "fans" as usual, but also spat at and beaten up. The police did not get the ubeltater, but ogungbure was reported by them for making the hitlergrub cynically in front of the tribune in response to the racist attacks (will the fubball world be a guest of friends?).

This is an apparently tolerated mood in the country, which is soon to receive many people from all over the world for the world cup and which urgently needed to show tolerance and openness to people from all over the world instead of stupid xenophobia in order to remain economically and culturally attractive and efficient. At the same time, the so-called "no-go areas" or "foreigner-free zones", where the german neo-nazis who are not integrated into society and are filled with violence live, are not only a problem for people who somehow do not look german, even if they are. Here, retarded, politically, culturally and economically dwindling parallel societies could form, which, unlike slums or ghettos in other countries, stand for the whole country and can pull it into a dangerous isolation out of a truly blinded, alcohol-tranquilized ideology of supposed identity. "No-go" doesn’t have to be a street, a neighborhood, or a community, but if there is a fear that you are not safe in a place because of your appearance, that is enough.

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Formula 1: ferrari brings in leclerc, raikkonen must go

Sebastian vettel gets a new teammate in 2019. There had been rumors to that effect for a long time, but on tuesday (11. September 2018) ferrari has now confirmed: charles leclerc will drive one of the two formula 1 cars in the future. Kimi raikkonen must go, but does not end his career but will drive for sauber in the future.

Raikkonen’s contribution as a driver as well as a person has been fundamental, ferrari team boss maurizio arrivabene, who has been a supporter of raikkonen, praised his achievements. "He has played a crucial role in the development of the team and at the same time has always been a great team player."Raikkonen will always be part of the history of the team and the ferrari family as a former world champion of the scuderia.

For the now 38-year-old ends his second chapter with the italians. Since 2014, the finn has again been driving for the italian racing team with which he won the world championship title in 2007. His triumph at that time is the last driver’s title for ferrari so far. Raikkonen drove for ferrari for the first time from 2007 to 2009. In the next two years he will once again drive for the sauber team with which he started his career in 2001.

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Ikonos and the decline of the maya culture

Scientists used commercial spy satellite to solve a rough mystery of archaeology

They came out of the darkness of history and disappeared again in an obscure way. Why the maya culture, after an intense period of bloodshed, so silently disappeared from history is still the subject of controversial debate within the ancient world: sometimes there is talk of a devastating earthquake, overexploitation of the rainforest, an ecological collapse, a fatal disease, a sudden climate change or even an invasion by foreign peoples. A nasa researcher, interestingly enough the only employed archaologist of the us space agency, believes now, with inclusion of pictorial material of the spy satellite ikonos, to have found the riddle solution.

Some cultures take the secret of their demise with them to the grave. Perhaps the cultural heritage of the mayan civilization would have been lost for all time in the stream of time, had not some historical sources in the same persistently defied the gnawing ravages of time. If the picturesque pyramids, palaces, public meeting places, stone masks, murals, cisterns, pottery products and tablets embedded in the northern lowlands of the yucatan peninsula (today’s mexico, guatemala, belize) had passed away as the last witnesses of a once flourishing advanced civilization, the era of the mayas would not even have been mentioned in the annals with a marginal note.

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Julian assange: even biden government continues to go on delivery

Julian Assange: Even Biden government continues to go on delivery

The new us government also wants to use that wikileaks-grunder julian assange is delivered from greath britain. This reports the news agency reuters calling on a speaker of the us department of justice. According to this, the ministry also wants to proceed under the lead of monty wilkinson against the youngest court ruling in the great britain: at the beginning of january, the state court in london decided that assange was not delivered because of the detention conditions which were expected in the usa. The us had appealed against the decision and also after joe biden’s office is obviously no turnaround.

Next no freezing

Julian assange has been sitting in a high-security hospel in london since april 2019, having found refuge for years in the london embassy of ecuador’s. The us asks for his delivery and throw him in, stolen and published together with chelsea manning secret material of us militar collections in iraq and in afghanistan. By contrast, us informants have been dangered, the reproach is. Not only his supporters see in him a journalist who brought war crimes to light. For example, the un special rapporteur for torture in the matter sees a praisia for the procedure against investigative journalism.

Opponents of the delivery request had hoped that the new us government under joe biden has not continued to put assange in the usa in court. With that she had knocked on barack obama, writes reuters. At that time no delivery was sought because of assanges work on very journalistic activities ahelse. Only under his successor, donald trump, the harsh charges have been written against assange, which now serve as the basis for the delivery arrangements. However, their chances of success are no longer rough anyway, had about reporters without limits. Assange still remains in detention, a freestong on deposit had rejected the court, since he has already shown how rough the rivalry is.

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