Formula 1: heidfeld replaces injured kubica

24 days before the formula 1 season opener, nick heidfeld’s return to the cockpit is complete. As expected, the driver from monchengladbach will replace the injured pole robert kubica at lotus renault. "I would have liked to return to formula 1 under different circumstances, but i am proud that i have been given this chance," heidfeld said in a press statement on wednesday evening. Team boss eric boullier spoke of the "ideal man for the job".

In his only test drive for lotus renault, heidfeld convinced the team right away: best time in the race. The rest was a matter of form, after the team had repeatedly emphasized that they wanted to sign an experienced driver for kubica. "The team has been through a difficult few weeks and we had to react quickly. We gave nick a chance last week in jerez and he really impressed us," explained boullier, whose decision was actually expected on monday after the test drives. Heidfeld is fast, experienced, gives strong feedback from a technical point of view and understands the car, boullier praised.

This is not the first time that heidfeld’s career has taken a decisive turn practically at the last printer. In his williams days, the now 33-year-old once learned of his re-signing only five minutes before the presentation. Last season he was a mercedes substitute and pirelli test driver, followed by a five-race stint with sauber at the end of the season.

Youtube: trump founded for another week

YouTube: Trump Founded for another week

The video streaming platform youtube has recurred the blocking of the outgoing us prasident donald trump by a week. This reports the mirrors calling on the news agency afp. Accordingly, trump can no other videos on youtube, the comment function remains disabled – according to youtube indefinitely.

In mid-january, youtube trump had initially locked from his platform for a week, the temporary spell had expired on tuesday.

Further stalk to violence conceivable

Youtube released the report of the mirrors according to twitter, on his youtube-channel, his appendine on the day of publicity on wednesday layers of newly elected us prasident joe biden and thus provoked violence. Because trump continues to be brought to his re-election due to electoral fraud. Evidence for this statement did not exist.

Burma: where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video show

Nowadays war is always a war of images. This applies even, or even more so, to a country as hermetically sealed as burma. The fact that pictures and videos of the war waged by the military junta against its people are leaking out at all is largely thanks to the technical possibilities of the internet.

More than 100 videos documenting the clashes can currently be found on youtube alone. And even major tv stations are now forced to use footage that was illegally shot on location, mostly with cell phone cameras. In order to prevent all this, the military junta has meanwhile cut off internet connections to foreign countries. Murderers prefer to kill without eyewitnesses.

Formula 1: ferrari works on veto

Formula 1: ferrari works on veto

Ferrari continues to work on veto of controversial ruling by formula one race commissioners in canada. "We are pushing ahead with the appeal," the italian formula one racing team announced on tuesday (11. June 2019) with. Ferrari has 96 hours after the end of the canadian grand prix on sunday evening (cest) to protest the disallowed victory of star driver sebastian vettel.

Although the four-time world champion had finished first in the race. However, for a driving maneuver against defending champion and five-time champion lewis hamilton in the mercedes, vettel was given a five-second time penalty that saw him slip to second behind hamilton in the final standings.

Ferrari’s team boss mattia binotto had already announced that the scuderia had filed a notice of intent with the international automobile federation (fia) to lodge an official appeal. To successfully challenge the factual decision, ferrari needs new evidence of vettel’s innocence.

Ford s-max and galaxy: new engines and fresh optics

Ford s-max and galaxy: new engines and fresh optics

Koln, 15. December 2009 – ford has its models s-max and galaxy technically and visually operated. For the first time you can see the two coarse vans on the european motor show, which of 13. Until 24. January 2010 in brussel takes place.

New gasoline direct injector with turbo

New is a 2.0-liter petrol engine connecting direct injection with a turbocharger and a stepless variable camshaft control. The second.0 ecoboost scti makes 203 hp at 5500 tours. The maximum torque of 300 nm is available from 1750 to 4500 rpm. Combined standard with a dual-clutch transmission, the motor in s-max allows a tempo 100 sprint in 8.5 seconds, the maximum speed is 221 km / h. The fuel consumption in the s-max indicates ford with 8.1 liters to 100 kilometers. These are 1.6 liters less than the process, a 2.3-liter sucker with 160 hp, needed.

New 2.0 tdci with 163 hp

In addition, the diesel in s-max and galaxy now fulfill the euro 5 emission standard. The second.0 tdci is now in the power levels 115 hp, 140 hp and for the first time 163 hp ready. The power transfer takes over a six-speed circuit as before. Consumption gives ford with 5.7 liters to 100 kilometers. In addition, this is known from the focus and c-max "powershift"-double clutch transmission now also available in the vans. The automated switching unit with six attendants is the new scti ecoboost engines series. Optionally, it is also available for the two stronger diesel.

Formula 1: ferrari on the brink of retreat?

In the discussion about the new engine plan for formula 1, ferrari patron sergio marchionne has not ruled out a withdrawal of the traditional racing team in the worst case scenario. "What i mean is that formula 1 has been part of our dna since the day we were born. It is not that we can define ourselves differently. But if we change the sandbox to a degree where it becomes unrecognizable as a sandbox, i don’t want to play anymore," marchionne said, pictorially, according to media reports.

Financially, a possible exit of the scuderia from the royal class of motorsport would not be a disadvantage for the group. Marchionne even said he would be "super happy" to be the boss who withdraws ferrari from formula 1. He would then work on an "alternative strategy" to the racing series, the 65-year-old said. Ferrari is the only racing team to have been in formula 1 since the first grand prix in 1950.

The current engine regulations and the concorde agreement expire at the end of 2020. This basic agreement regulates the distribution of revenues. Formula 1 owner liberty media wants to make the racing series fit for the future. This includes, among other things, a reduction in costs, which is also to be achieved through cheaper and simpler engines. A draft of the future power units was presented on tuesday. "Liberty has some good intentions, one of which is to reduce costs for the teams, which is a good thing," marchionne said. However, he added that the intended future strategy would take away the uniqueness of the engines. Among others, industry leader mercedes had also expressed reservations about the plan of the rights holder and the world motorsport governing body fia.

Ford mustang as erlkonig on the road

Ford mustang as erlkonig on the road

Hair, 21. August 2013 – just in time for the 50. The seventh generation of the ford mustang will make its debut at the detroit motor show in early january 2014. About a year later, the mustang will be officially launched in europe for the first time.

One for the whole world

Despite lush camouflage, it is already visible in the prototype that the mustang design is changing fundamentally. Model is the study evos , which stood at the iaa 2011, but also in rudiments of the future ford mondeo . This means a departure from the retro design of the mustang built since 2004. In addition, the look of the new edition should appeal to customers all over the world. As part of the so-called "one ford"-plan, the brand aims to have a total of 15 global vehicles in its range by 2017, which will be sold in all markets in the same or at least very similar form.

Soon also with four-cylinder

Various modifications are intended to make the mustang more sporty; after all, customers in europe or japan have different expectations of dynamics than u.S. Drivers. Ford already announced in the fall of 2012 special driving dynamic qualities and "inspiring handling characteristics". The mustang will be shorter, around 4.65 meters, the same length as the original model from 1964. At around 1400 kilograms, it will also be around 200 kg lighter. The rigid axle is removed at the rear and replaced by a single-wheel suspension system. A classic v8 will continue to work under the hood in the future. The funfliter engine, already used in the current boss 302, produces 450 hp. For the export markets, a turbocharged ecoboost four-cylinder engine will be added to the lineup. This will be the engine that will also be used in the upcoming ford focus rs. Output: at least 320 hp.

Ruin porn, ghost town: photographer fucking around detroits image

The city tour of jesse welter begins at a graffiti-enamed wall in the dead industrial district of detroit. Uber rusty steel, rubble and broken glass he rises to the duster’s ground floor "fisher body plant 21" – an abandoned six-step concrete colos in the northern part of the city, where autoshow general motors once produce vehicle parts. Today, the building is a run-down industry ruin – and thus one of the most popular stations on welters tour.

"Specializing in the beauty of detroits historical and abandoned architecture", welter welter his excursions on the internet. For $ 75, he brings photographers and other visitors to remote places of former autometropolies, which strides with population loss, a tremendous debt mountain and one of the highest crime rates of the country. One or two tours makes welter per week, and demand does not rub off.

What the detroit connoisseer offers its tour visitors, enjoy the heart of many photographers. On hundreds of thousands of square meters of urban expiration show encrusted steel rib, bocklining plaster, crumbling furniture and an underground gallery of first-class graffiti or third-class lubrications. Hotels, churches, schools, factories – welter knows the most impressive, partly spooky of the approximately 40.000 to 60.000 buildings demolished or completely renovated in detroit.

“The thing with peeing in bottles”: amazon designates tweet as “own goal”

The world-growing online trade amazon has apologized for a twitter examination of that, where and how to do their emergenturft, at a us deputy. On the easter weekend, the group of multimilliardar jeff bezos in a message that delivery drivers sometimes did not find any toilets and thus confirmed for the first time reports, according to which employees urinate under high time prere in the stressful working day in bottles. That this was first scored about an official twitter account of amazon is one "own goal" been.

"The thing with peeing in bottles"

The conflict had begun the penultimate week with a critical tweet of the member marc pocan of the democratic party: "employees $ 15 to pay hourly wage, does not make one one "advanced workplace", if you go against unions and urinate worked in water bottles". Amazon had first killed in unusually sharp tone at twitter: "you do not really believe the thing with the pee in bottles?". And further: "if the true goods, no one was working for us."

Although the bezos group was clearly: "we apologize to the deputy pocan". An apology to the affected employees does not contain the statement, however, kerne amazon to attack the pinch problem. "We do not know yet how, but we will look for solutions." however, the company also emphasized that it was an industry-wide problem that did not restrict themselves on amazon and gave themselves from the rising public toilet in the corona crisis.

Software diversity in software development

Software- Diversity in software development

Especially in software development many groups are underprinted. Drove to homogeneous teams actually to worse software? If yes why? The topic has definitely affecting software architects, the working environment and employers. To the new episode of software architecture.Tv are lars hupel, lena kraaz and aminata sidibe by innoq invited. They discuss with eberhard wolff, how to improve diversitat in software architecture and development and whether that is a good idea.

The broadcast takes place in tomorrow’s friday at 12 o’clock live, the result is ready afterwards as recording. During the live stream, questions can be asked via twitch or youtube chat, by twitter to @ewolff or anonymous with the form on the videocast website.

Software architecture.Tv is a video cap by eberhard wolff, blogger and podcaster heise developer and well-known software architect in services of the it consulting company innoq. Since june 2020, 28 episodes have arisen, which illuminate different areas of software architecture – sometimes with gastles, malff solo. Recently tied heise developer the over the youtube streamed new episodes each in the online channel, so viewers from the heise media can follow the video cap.