Bremer and the ayatollah

Iraq: shiite leader ali sistani calls for early general elections. Bremer seeks un support for own election mode

"America claims it is bringing democracy and freedoms to countries. Well, let it give us elections. Especially since we have lived through 35 years of darkness, we need an election that represents the people." a voice among the nearly 100,000 shiites who took to the streets of baghdad today to demand elections that will finally give iraq a sovereign government.

Bremer and his administration also want elections, but according to the timetable set in mid-november and with an election mode to which shiite leader ayatollah ali sistani has shown clear opposition from the outset. Bremer and some members of the iraqi governing council are in new york today to get the support of kofi annan, the un secretary general: annan is expected to help "godfather" convince the shiites that a general election in iraq cannot be held in the short time until june for technical reasons. The leitmotif is that the un’s involvement, the details of which are still unclear, should give the elections a legitimacy that outweighs the constant doubts as to whether the transition mode proposed by the americans is guided more by american interests than by the oft-invoked intention of leaving iraq to the iraqis as soon as possible.

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Lignite phase-out missed for the time being

Lignite phase-out missed for now

Janschwalde opencast lignite mine with the janschwalde power plant. Image: hanno bock/cc0

The energy and climate newsreel: energy policy review and outlook

Warnings that germany will miss its climate targets for 2020 have been sounding since before yesterday. The german government’s climate protection report for 2015 on the action program 2020 confirms this amption, even if it is not explicitly formulated as follows. Germany has set itself the goal of reducing its co2 emissions by 40 percent compared with the base year 1990. By 2015, 27 percent of this had been achieved.

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With bjork in the bitstream

Mtv plays with formats to make video clips www-ready

The interactive broadband revolution, with movies, documentaries and art videos delivered to the home via the internet, always seems to be just around the corner, and has been for some time now. However, most home users still have the problem of transmission rates to fully enjoy network-ready interactive digital movie formats. Mtv, the broadcaster that made the music video popular, is now trying out a format called webeos or i-clips, which is supposed to translate the video clip into the www, bandwidth-saving but clickable. Krystian woznicki has been exposed to the flickering per second and reports from the front of networked home entertainment.

Since the end of august, the online platforms of the music television channel mtv have been enriched by interactive clips. What is called webeo in the usa is called i-clip in germany. "A new media format", as promised in the accompanying declarations, these internet clips are not, at least from a technical point of view. Scripted (programmed, you shouldn’t really call it), the clips are in macromedia director and flash, packaged in shockwave.

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Mediterranean notes for the data center location germany

Mediterranean notes for the data center location Germany

Germany offers data center operators only mediocre conditions. At this end, the consulting company arcadis comes in his data center location index 2021. It has examined the location conditions in 50 established and emerging it nations. At the same time, but, among other things, go to the most attractive data center locations in europe, among other things because of the high data demand, the analysts.

Guided in the worldwide comparison are the usa, followed by singapore and japan. After that, northern europe: sweden, norway, danemark, the united arab emirates, finland, france and switzerland completed the top10. The federal republic of germany landed in 26th 26th. Before her, among other things, gross britain (13), luxembourg (17), the netherlands (19), poland (20), estonia (23), austria (24) and russia (25), behind it the tax paradise ireland ( 28), lithuania (29) spain (30), italy (31), belgium (32), iceland (36), portugal (37) and czech republic (38).

In addition to the reliability, the nature and costs of energy supply, the duration of the approval processes, the cyber security, the data protection and the provisions for the protection of privacy on the framework conditions, also the operating costs, state incentives and potential environmental impact.

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The gun lobby in the us election campaign

U.S. Vice president cheney was celebrated at the annual convention of the national rifle association, soon there could again be legal submachine guns on the market in the u.S

Enthusiastically, american gun enthusiasts celebrated vice president dick cheney saturday night at the pittsburgh convention center. The reason was the 133. Membership meeting of the national rifle association (nra, made famous worldwide by its then-president charlton heston in michael moore’s film bowling for columbine). The reason for cheney’s appearance, who rarely makes public speeches, is the power and membership strength of the gun lobby. Their influence in the u.S. Congress and the white house is so great that submachine guns and other heavy assault weapons, which have been respected since 1994, could soon be freely sold again.

"Four more years, four more years", shouted about 4.000 nra members chanted after his speech to the man considered by many to be the real movers and shakers in the white house and for "the brain" george bush’s. Dick cheney, himself an avid hunter and, more importantly, a shrewd auben and domestic power politician, laughingly accepted the nra trademark from the nra chiefs: a rifle. Charlton heston had made it a symbol in 2000 against democratic presidential candidate al gore, who was arguing for tougher gun laws, brandishing it over his head and shouting that he could have his gun taken away "only from its cold, dead hands" take away.

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Interview gesche jager: looking for the father

After their training as a photographer, a further education in the field of media design and the study of photography, gesche jagery worked first as a free photographer in bielefeld. Since 2010 she lives and works in hamburg. Since 2011, jager is also a member of the fotoeagentur laif. Christoph twickel has her for lakes.By in september 2013 hit.

Mrs. Jager, in the irregular picture band "fatherland" portrate eleven very different father – from daddy with eight children to the seed dispenser, who did not know how many children he has begotten. Her first photo book traded from a variety of singles in women’s army areas of east germany. They are obviously interested in manners in extreme situations.

Gesche jager: i like to deal with topics that the social change shows. At "fatherland" i wanted to find out how the role of the man has changed in the family.

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Smart displays: amazon recalls echo show 5 and 8

Smart Displays: Amazon Recalls Echo Show 5 and 8

Amazon brings overworked versions of echo show 8 and echo show 5 in the trade. The new edition of the smart displays are available on amazon for pre-order and will be delivered from june. To the changes, according to amazon a better camera.

The echo show 8 is therefore equipped with a 13 megapixel wide-angle camera, which swings in video calls and zooms to keep users in the field of view. This is practically a purely digital adjustment of a function of the echo show 10, where the display turns motor-controlled. The new echo show 8 also uses a new octa core processor, writes amazon.In a press release – cleaner details are not out of this.

The smaller echo show 5 also gets a superior camera with double resolution compared to the previous model, dominates in contrast to the echo show 8 but no digital swivel function. The echo show 5 costs 85 euros. This is theoretically favorable than the current model, which is regular for 90 euros. In practice, amazon sells the current echo show 5 but for 80 euros. The new echo show 8 will test 130 euros, exactly as much as the current model regular.

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Charlie hebdo: “if you want to defend freedom of expression, you have to stop being young”

Charlie hebdo:'wenn man die meinungsfreiheit verteidigen will, muss man aufhoren, jung zu sein'

"Because at the last verse i stab" – cyrano de bergerac vs. A jihadist. Image: actualitte/cc by-sa 2.0

Satirical magazine publishes new muhammad cartoon to mark start of trial over 2015 islamist terror attack and worries about shifting attitudes toward freedom of expression

A rough trial on the islamist terrorist attack on the editorial office of the magazine charlie hebdo began today in paris. On 7. January 2015, the brothers said and cherif kouachi killed 12 people, members of the editorial staff of the satirical magazine, a technician, a bodyguard and a man who got in their way while they were fleeing on the street. Revenge for muhammad cartoons has been cited as a central motive for the bloodbath in the newsroom. Among the murder victims were the cartoonists cabu, charb, honore, tignous and wolinski.

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Ford mondeo hybrid from 2019 also as a tournament

From 2019, ford will also offer the mondeo hybrid as a station wagon. The drive train will be taken over unchanged from the sedan. A two-liter naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor combine to deliver a system output of 138 kw (187 hp). The air-cooled lithium-ion battery cannot be charged externally, which would be relatively ineffective with a capacity of 1.4 kwh. It is charged via recuperation.

The electric motor in the mondeo hybrid is primarily intended to support the gasoline engine during acceleration and thus reduce fuel consumption. In the test of the mondeo hybrid sedan we came altogether on 5.3 liters, which was to be owed also to the circumstances: the car excites despite its uppigen achievement hardly to move it briskly. In addition, we drove it mainly in the city and overland.

Ford will provide details on price, performance and fuel consumption of the mondeo hybrid turnier in due course. The sedan delivers a few key data, which the station wagon will orient itself on. 9.2 seconds in the standard sprint, 187 km. The price of the hybrid sedan is currently 36.550 euros. The station wagon surcharge for the conventional engines is 1000 euros. The luggage compartment is interesting: the sedan with hybrid drive offers 383 liters, which is significantly less than a comparable mondeo with gasoline or diesel. It should fit 525 liters.

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Us hedge fund suefens porsche

Porsche is again confronted with a lawsuit of us hedge funds in connection with the failed vw revocation. In the case of a court of the state of new york, several hedge funds filed a complaint under glenhill capital capital, as evidenced by a document published on the website of the court of first instance. They claim a damage of a billion us dollar. "We have no knowledge of this lawsuit," said a porsche spokesman on wednesday. "She was not delivered to us yet."

As at the end of december before a new york federal court, the investors intensifies the early porsche management to have exchanged them for their true intentions. Porsche has always denied to take over the majority of volkswagen and thus the investors curled into a trap, it is called in the court documents.

"We generally consider the lawsuits in the united states for unemployed and unfounded," craved a porsche spokesman. Porsche had secured access to a good 74 percent of volkswagen ordinary shares with difficult shared shares. At the same time, investors bet on falling courses. When the scarcity of the freely tradable volkswagen-stamme was known in autumn 2008, the papers shot at a short time over 1000 euros. To serve your business, the investors had to buy a sketched course. You do this damage now.

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