Microsoft is closing almost all of your own store

Microsoft is closing almost all of your own store

Microsoft draws itself worldwide with its 82 own shops from retailing. The rally of the software group on friday in redmond. The shops should be closed. Only the stores london, new york, sydney and near the company headquarters in redmond should be "microsoft experience center" stay in which then but no goods are sold more.

Apple’s success never reached

How many workplaces will be affected by the measures, microsoft did not say. The group’s customer, members of the retail team continued to offer customers from the microsoft company locations from looking after and from remote sales, training and support.

Microsoft had begun in 2009 to imitate the success of the numerous apple stores in the us with a chain of individual retailers. There were microsoft products such as the surface calculator or the game console xbox, but also gates from manufacturers like dell, hp and lenovo. In addition, there was new technique as the augmented reality glasses hololens present. The microsoft stores could never reach the economic success of apple stores, but also because microsoft no longer had on his own smartphones after the setting of the windows phones, during the iphone the managed in the apple loading.

Problems with microsoft outlook: june patches disturbed pst files

Problems with Microsoft Outlook: June Patches Disturbed PST files

The heise editorship has been contacted by a reader, which reports by a striking problem, which now reports some people: with outlook 2016 open, only the repair of data files is offered. The attempt to set up a new outlook profile with new data files shows no effect. The reader writes: "we could find the problem with customers with exchange / o365 accounts and at a customer with pop3 mailfachers."

The author of this article was also known to the problem because it got information from us bloggers. First messages in the forum of askwoody.Com show that it gets wide. Also in the microsoft answers forum can be found in descriptions of the error image.

In all cases outlook refuses to start because of the damaged pst file. The attempt to repair outlook on the internal functions does not help any further. Currently it is unclear whether the problem is drawn in outlook through a windows or an office update of june 2020. The author is known only in outlook 2016.

Prasidial ordinance for more competition and for a “right to repair”

Prasidial Ordinance for more competition and for a'right to repair''right to repair'

On friday afternoon, us prassident joe biden introduced a prasidial distribution for more competition and against the increasing market concentration in many industries. Central maws against big tech are the sharp control of buying the competition and the scales of competitive practices against smaller sellers. The federal trade commission is intended to adopt new rules against the lease of data on consumers and these should be a right to repair their mobile phones and their tractors themselves – a fight to the "monitoring capitalism".

The increasing market concentration in the health sector, in the banking sector, in agriculture or the provider market more expensive many products for the burger. They increased the prere on wage development at the unfavorable workers and brake innovation, argues the bid government trimmed to numerous studies, including the 450-pine congress freak to the practices of gross platforms. In three quarters of all industries today a smaller number of companies control the market than 20 years ago, it is called in the information sheet on the regulation. The commercial margins had tripled, at the same time the leans were broken by 17 percent and the number of start-ups was halved compared to the 1970s (see chart).

Prasidial Ordinance for more competition and for a'right to repair''right to repair'

He was a proud capitalist, said biders at signing. But capitalism without competition tommy for exploitation. With the regulation, a dozen us federal agents, including the ministry of justice and the federal trade commission (ftc), are called upon to enforce the existing competition and cartel rules rigoros. The woman house is also one "competition council" insert.

Slack expands the security features for corporate customers

Slack expands the security features for corporate customers

Slack has explored some assessments that should increase security in different areas for the commercial offer customers. Thus, companies can now manage their conclusions about the enterprise key management system, and information barriers prevent communication between certain groups in the company.

Regionally stored, globally processed

In addition, slack advances the advanced data residency: companies can store the data in a cloud region obvious to you. In total there are now six data centers outside the us: frankfurt, paris, london, sydney, tokyo and montreal. However, the regional storage is used primarily for faster access to the data.

All data is still in the corresponding data centers at amazon web services (aws), and processing continues to take place in the united states. After the end of privacy shield, regional storage does not bring advantages in privacy. Larkin ryder, chief security officer at slack meant in conversation with heise developer: "the processing of data in the us is a well-known problem, and i do not claim that we have the perfect solution for that." she sees in it but no hurde for european companies.