False incentives

An american without health insurance robbed a bank pro forma because he hoped to get pain treatment while in prison

On 9. In june, james richard verone walked up to the counter of a random rbc bank in gaston county and handed the teller a note saying this was a robbery and to give him a dollar. He then announced he was going to sit down in the patron area and wait for the police – which he did.

Verone is not an action artist. The background to his crime is that the 59-year-old suffers from, among other things, carpal tunnel syndrome, a lump on his chest and severe back pain. And because he lost his job after 17 years as a beverage delivery driver for the soft drink manufacturer coca cola, and because other professional attempts failed (also due to his health problems), he can no longer afford to seek medical treatment due to a lack of health insurance.

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No light at the end of the shore

No light at the end of the shore

Image: hans braxmeier

After the dark winter, chancellor angela merkel expects more difficult months ahead

Germany, march 2021. The winter is coming to an end. This is exactly what angela merkel had predicted at the end of october. At that time, during a tough debate in the bundestag at the beginning of new corona-related restrictions, the chancellor had declared: "winter will be hard, four long hard months, but it will end."

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Mother of the privacy policy: the “108” will be 40

Mother of the Privacy Policy: The'108' wird 40'108' wird 40

It is considered the mother of the first privacy policy of the eu adopted in 1995. At the same time, she may also refer to as a father of modern privacy in times of automated data processing. Today "international day of privacy" will the convention 108 of the council of europe in strabburg, with full title "convention on the protection of man in the automatic processing of personal data" homes, 40 years old.

On the 28th. January 1981, seven of the then twenty member states of the regional states of staff signed. Only on four years later she entered into force with the ratification by sweden. The signatory state turkey even needed so long that ratification was still working there before 2018 named the neufang – just 108+ – by the now 47 member states was decided.

Basic data protection as a prerequisite for transfers

The 108+ continues the tradition of the 108 insofar as it tries to regulate the data protection ies of the future in a globalized world. For the total scope of the ratifying states, it guarantees the protection of the burgers in times of increasing data collection and data transfers. Everyone is eliminating that data is collected and processed only with his consent or legal basis. He has a fundamental claim for information, correct position and release. A distinction between data protection in the private and public area has never made the 108.

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Twitter goes against false messages to corona vaccines

Twitter goes against false messages to corona vaccines

Misleading tweets and targeted false information on vaccinations against the coronavirus wants to provide the short message service to artificial with warnings or just loose. This ruleverscharfungs anniversaries twitter on wednesday about the official company blog. Thus, from next week not only tweets are to be removed, the abstruse verschworungstheorien to vaccines spread as those which the preparations are allegedly intended to control the population. Also false attenuations on supposed health damage through vaccinations that are scientifically refuted, or the denial of any danger of the virus should not be tolerated.

From the beginning of the year next year, twitter also wants to set a warning at tweets, which contains disputed representations or incomplete, from the context of torn information on vaccines, is called in the blog post of twitter.

Reliable information

Such tweets could be provided with further links to the twitter terms of use and reliable information about the coronavirus, striking it in the blog entry. So that the short message service wanted to support the fight against the pandemic about scientists and governments.

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No right not to be born

The french government has lastly rejected the controversial "perruche ruling" put an end to it: disabled people had been granted a right to compensation for their existence

Since the 17.November 2000 france’s disability associations and the pranatal diagnosticians are on the warpath. On this day, the highest french civil court, the court of cassation, awarded damages to nicolas perruche, now 18, because his mother’s rubella had not been diagnosed during her pregnancy and he had been born with multiple disabilities. The perruche ruling has since been upheld twice and the court of cassation has also awarded damages in another similar case (right not to give birth).

The ruling has not only caused anxiety among parents of disabled children, but has also led to an increasing number of ultrasound specialists refusing to make detailed statements for fear of legal repercussions. On 1.January a strike of pranatal diagnosticians was called. The draft law presented by the government on thursday excludes direct compensation for the person concerned, but is already in the crossfire of criticism.

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Nasa twin study: weighing elasticity may increase stress with astronauts

NASA twin study: Weighing elasticity may increase stress with astronauts

Investigations of the blood of astronauts indicate an increased stress level in a longest stay in weightlessness. They have a significantly stronger concentration of certain dna pieces in the blood, so-called cfdna, as an international team has found out. "For the study, we have studied the blood of a nasa astronaut, during and after his use on the iss and compared it to the blood of his identical twin brother on earth", said daniela bezdan from the university hospital tubingen. The 1964 born twin brother mark and scott kelly have already participated in numerous investigations. They were a few times in all.

Preparations for flights to mars

The researchers hope for the study also a better medical monitoring of astronauts during their space flowing. Cell changes could be analyzed with the help of blood markers in the future aboard the room, as bezdan explained. "Astronauts are trained in trained blood."

Samples could also be sent to earth by capsules from the international space station iss to examine them in laboratories more precisely. "We have already tested that in the twin study." the research results are also intended to provide approaches for possible drugs and treatment therapies that could be used for long-range space flows, such as mars.

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