“I am very glad that there is wikileaks. Who else shows the courage?”

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The case of johannes stefansson – no ordinary whistleblower. Rainer winters on the exposure of corruption and money laundering

When it comes to whistleblowers, it gets a little scary. You could open a losing account. Let’s remember with what hopes years ago the platform wikileaks was linked and how then later julian assange is treated. The trial he is being tried for is a political one. He has thrown the power usa under the bus with the material on wikileaks. Journalism and democracy need such revelations.

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Does not the ecb need to be criticized more harshly??

The ecb is doing a reasonable job under the given circumstances, which include its own dogma

In the last few days it has become too colorful for some of our readers. They criticize us for being too sympathetic to the european central bank (ecb) and its latest billion-dollar program.One asks why we did not join the fierce criticism from the left-wing political spectrum of the ecb’s latest decisions. There it is insisted that all this helps again only the banks and the speculators, not however the normal burger.

It is also said that the central bank is completely ignoring the possibilities that exist to stimulate the economy in a way that at the same time helps to reduce inequality. The argument has even been taken up by the faz! But then the leftists should become clairvoyant. When this newspaper criticizes redistribution at the expense of the little people, it surely wants to attack something else entirely, in this case the ecb, of course, and any argument will do.

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The cabinet of horrors made up of losers

The cabinet of horrors made up of losers

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The downfall of schulz, merkel and the spd – a commentary

It was almost forgotten that we have been without a government since september 2017. Certainly no one missed it and lo and behold: the country worked anyway. Now, after four months and two run-ups, the formation of the government should be completed. It must be acknowledged without envy that some less progressive countries are getting their act together faster. The cdu/csu, spd, grune and fdp were much quicker to reach agreement on the increase in the diats in december 2017. But bygones be bygones.

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Before the tsunami

The bursting of the speculative bubble in the u.S. Real estate market is weighing on the u.S. Economy and was one of the causes of the recent turmoil in world financial markets

Since "black tuesday", 27. In the wake of the global financial crisis of february, the most important international stock indices have taken a dive, and a price recovery is taking place only creepily, if at all. The massive price losses on the world’s financial markets have often been portrayed in the local press as a mere "price correction" that is not based on any fundamental economic aberrations. At least in the case of the usa this is not the case, the most important economy of the world is visibly slowed down by the bursting of the speculation bubble on the us real estate market, which has been growing for years, a recession seems to be quite probable in the meantime.

This downturn of the u.S. Real estate market, which is gaining momentum, is now destroying millions of lives of american burgers. According to the latest statistics, 1.2 million mortgaged homes were subject to foreclosure in 2006. Compared to 2005, there has been a 42 percent increase in total foreclosures in the u.S. At the beginning of 2007, the number of homeowners unable to shoulder the debt that comes with buying a home jumped again: 19 percent more homes went into foreclosure in january than the previous month, meaning that more than one percent of all mortgages in the u.S. Are now defaulted on.

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Huygens’ minutes of truth approach

The most exciting and spectacular unmanned space mission of all time is approaching its climax: tomorrow, the esa research probe huygens will land on saturn’s mysterious moon titan

Discovered in 1655 by the dutch astronomer christiaan huygens (1629-1695), titan, with a diameter of 5120 kilometers, is coarser than mercury and pluto and, after jupiter’s moon ganymede, even the second coarser moon in the solar system altogether. But a constant, dense orange-brown carpet of clouds, consisting of methane and other hydrocarbons, envelops its face. No one knows exactly how it will happen "including" looks. Tomorrow morning, esa’s huygens lander will push this murky curtain completely aside. On its way in exobiological mission, the small robot will dive into the atmosphere of the moon, land on it and u.A. Look for amino acids. Will huygens forget the beagle disaster?? The esa researchers were told it was true.

If everything goes according to plan, huygens will emerge tomorrow at about 10 a.M..06 o’clock cet in a relatively steep angle of 65 degrees and with a speed of 6 km/s into the atmosphere of titan. The target area is over the southern hemisphere on the day side. The capsule, protected by a heat shield, will decelerate to 400 m/s within three minutes and then deploy its 2.6-meter parachute at an altitude of about 160 km. This screen will remove the rear cover of the probe after 2.5 seconds, so that the main screen with its 8.3 m diameter can come to light and stabilize the probe.

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Lazy compromises

The energy and climate newsreel: while climate protection is being negotiated in poznan, the french president is watering down eu climate policy

This year’s un climate conference began in poznan, poland, on monday. Over 10.000 government delegates, environmentalists, journalists and lobbyists will be stepping on each other’s toes until friday next week. Strictly speaking, the meeting is a double conference: a cop (conference of parties) to the un framework convention on climate change, which has now been ratified by 192 countries (including the usa), and a conference of the "mops" (member of the protocol), i.E. A meeting of those 183 states – the u.S. Is not among them – that have ratified the kyoto protocol.

The kyoto protocol expires in 2012, which is why a successor is urgently needed. It took more than seven years from signature to entry into force because some signatories, such as russia, delayed ratification for a long time. The protocol specifies different reduction targets for the industrialized countries, which must be achieved on average in the years 2008 to 2012.

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Ford makes profits again

The crisis-ridden u.S. Carmaker ford has been able to turn around the wheel. Last year, the company earned money again for the first time since 2005. The bottom line was 2.7 billion dollars. Ford had massively reduced its costs and was able to take market share away from the competition with fresh models. "2009 was a closing year for ford", said group ceo alan mulally on thursday at the company’s headquarters in dearborn (us state of michigan). The year before, ford had still posted a record loss of 14.8 billion dollars. Analysts spoke of a mature performance by the group’s management. Ford also wants to stay in the black this year. The share price rose by almost 2 percent ahead of schedule.

Ford has thus come through the economic crisis much better than its domestic rivals general motors and chrysler. The chronically loss-making rivals both had to file for insolvency last year, from which they only emerged with massive government financial aid. Ford, on the other hand, was able to post profits again by the middle of the year. This was achieved, among other things, by a range of more compact cars.

But ford also had to pay tribute to the economic crisis and the resulting reluctance of customers to buy: sales fell by almost a fifth in 2009 to $118.3 billion. However, the situation eased toward the end of the year. In the final quarter, ford was able to generate $35.4 billion, 6 percent more than in the same period last year. Profit at the bottom line was 868 million euros.

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Marketing for photographers: how to become unique!

A little experiment: please look at your watch! Every day each of us is about 13.000 advertising messages exposed. Since i ame that you have been on my legs for a few hours, they were already seen several hundred advertising messages at this time. Remember the last three of them? If you know this question "yes" be answered, i envy you for your thought. If no: do not worry: that’s how most people are!

Competition forces us to communicate

This small experiment shows in which dilemma we are: on the one hand, our spiritual recording capacitance does not grow so fast that we can process all the advertising impresses that are consciously processed on us roaring. On the other hand, the number of advertising messages we are exposed to daily. Guilt is the growing competition. We all have to fight that there are companies that make something similar or exactly the same as we do. That’s exactly why we have to communicate. The question is: people can remember them when looking for a photographer? Or burn only money in the fight for attention?

We read an article and are interrupted in our read flow through an advertisement, we are sitting at the airport and just want to see a video on youtube briefly and have to bear the advertisement before this video. How do you feel in such moments? The consequences of unwanted and annoying advertising communications were recently examined in the study communication crackdown: more than half of the respondents surveyed whether they continue to remain customer of the advertising company. 63 percent indicate to want to spend less money with these companies. And with two-thirds of respondents, the brand loyalty drops drastically. No particularly pleasing result. But how is it relevant to them, instead of being annoyed, to be perceived to get an order?

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Parental allowance: commercial break from life

The maximum payments of parental allowance are to be spared from the austerity plans, according to the family ministry. It would be better to abolish parental allowance altogether, as designed by von der leyen

That there will be cuts in parental allowance is considered certain. Achieving the government’s savings target "cannot work without savings in parental benefits," announced family minister schroder. Where it short wants, does not stand however yet firmly. Decided is still nothing, one became "still different models durchrechnen". But schroder has already made it clear what is not to be saved on.

The maximum payments for high-earning parents should be exempt from cuts. The high benefit of 1800 euros per month, paid for one year, must remain untouched. Whoever wants to cut back here has "not understood the basic idea of parental allowance". The original plan to increase the paternity months from two to four months, and thus to increase the parental allowance, which is limited to one year, to 16 months, is off the table. Also the introduction of the partial parental allowance.

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