Gm: “opel will still be part of the group in 10 or 15 years’ time”

The general motors (gm) automotive group has ied a guarantee of continued existence to its opel subsidiary, but the russelsheim company is being thwarted in the attractive brazilian market. Gm relies there on the chevrolet.

The good news was brought back by hesse’s minister president volker bouffier (cdu) from his trip to the usa. Opel will "definitely still be part of the group in 10 or 15 years," gm vice president robert ferguson said friday (local time) after a meeting in detroit with the cdu politician. Ferguson stressed, "normally, we don’t like to make forecasts over such a long time horizon. But opel is such a valuable building block of our group that i have no problem making this prediction."The german sites are an outstanding part of the group and centers for design and research. "That’s why i see a bright future for opel."Among other things, hesse’s head of government had visited wisconsin, hesse’s partner region, and met with gm people.

In ubersee gm shows however further borders to the germans and prefers chevrolet. The automobile week (monday) opel ceo karl-friedrich stracke said: "we will not go into brazil, we will leave that to chevrolet."He did not want to evaluate the decision from detroit. Brazil is gm’s third most important market after china and the u.S., the paper reported. Thanks to rapid growth, the brazilian car market will overtake germany this year.

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The speckgurtel thrives again

renewed growth of the bacon belt

New housing development in baar-ebenhausen, directly on the munich-ingolstadt rail line. Ingolstadt’s main train station can be reached in 10 minutes by train; by car it is about 15 km to ingolstadt. Images: tp

New housing construction needs a regional identity space

It is highly regrettable that the bavarian constitutional court has recently rejected a petition for a referendum against land consumption as inadmissible. Because soil is both our natural basis of life and a non-reproducible resource, it requires special protection. Decades ago, the great economist edgar salin, when pondering the prosperity and future prospects of a region, made it clear that this would not be achieved by the sprawl of the cities into the surrounding countryside, but would require vitalization from within.

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Bmw updates its operating system os.7 “over the air”

BMW updates its operating system OS.7'over the air''over the air'

With the "aluminated over-the-air update of a european manufacturer" get more than 750 from today’s monday.000 vehicles with the equipment "bmw live cockpit professional" the latest version of the bmw operating system 7 (version 07/20). The software update for vehicles with a production date before july 2020 contains new, advanced and improved functions such as bmw maps, google android auto or edrive zones.

First, the new software version will be delivered to customers in germany. The bmw holders will be informed about the vehicle or in your bmw app via push message on the smartphone as soon as the upgrade is ready. Bmw customers in europe, usa, canada, china and other countries are served in this order after the delivery in germany is completed.

Cloud-based route calculation

The manufacturer calls some examples of improved functions. Thus, bmw maps – for the first time aims to work – work faster in its route calculation by combining real-time information with predictive models. Apple carplay should be more user-friendly with turning instructions and lane information directly on the head-up display and the info display. In addition, the new edrive zones plug-in hybrid driver should be supported. When entering environmental zones, the car automatically switches to the electric driving mode with sufficient battery capacity.

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The car of the others

The car of the others

It is a phenomenon that is repeated again and again in cars that are advertised as being particularly economical. Whether it’s the golf gte, the passat gte or the ford mondeo hybrid, they are all above-average in power, yet it’s the attempt to get as close as possible to the manufacturer’s promises of fuel economy that appeals most. Which then raises the question of why such cars necessarily have to have around 200 hp. We were not able to clarify this in our test of a mondeo hybrid either. But it provides clues as to why the majority of european customers currently do not prefer the hybrid drive system.

No choice

It starts with the body choice in the case of the mondeo hybrid: there is no. If you want the hybrid drive, you have to go for the notchback – which is not available for all other engines. In this country, the mondeo hybrid will have such a hard time convincing a relevant number of customers, because the station wagon is more in demand in this vehicle segment than the alternatives. In asia and america, tastes are different and station wagons are the exception. It is not the only concession to these markets.

The design of the hybrid drive resembles that in the toyota prius. The two-liter gasoline engine is connected to a continuously variable transmission, which houses two electric motors. One is used exclusively as a generator to recharge the battery. The other is to assist the gasoline engine in accelerating the car. The battery is quite small at 1.4 kwh and can’t be recharged via a power outlet. Nevertheless, it is astonishing how large the share of purely electric or with e-support is: according to the on-board computer, the e-motor was involved in well over 50 percent of the kilometers we drove. Engaging the gasoline engine is smooth, only those who pay close attention will notice a minimal jerkiness.

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Black and white tv

Munich, 22. May 2014 – suvs, sedans, roadsters and sports cars – a wide variety of car types populate the roads. But our car world becomes only formally more and more colorful. As far as colors are concerned, we’ll remain black and white.

Apple is to blame for everything. After the fact that female car paint has been so out of fashion since the end of the 1980s, the actual non-color has been rapidly catching up again for years. According to a survey by the u.S. Automotive paint manufacturer axalta, most cars worldwide were ordered in weib last year: 22 percent in uniweib, seven percent in perlweib. Axalta has been recording the most popular car colors worldwide every year since 1953. Germany doesn’t shine quite as brightly yet – most people here still like it dark and gray. According to figures from the german association of the automotive industry (vda), black was once again at the forefront of new registrations in germany in 2013, accounting for 28.4 percent of all registrations. Silver and gray follow closely behind with a combined 27.9 percent. The retreat of the greys is rapid: ten years ago, almost every second car was still made in silver.

The retreat of the grays and the "apple effect

Weib is advancing even more rapidly: in 2006, not even two percent of newly registered cars were in female livery – now it’s almost 18 percent again. First car buyers in north america rediscovered the neutral female, then the trend jumped over to asia. And now it has also arrived in europe. Car experts suspect that the "apple effect" is behind the soft wave. In the beginning, the apple brand sold its smartphones and music players predominantly in female – and thus ensured that female stands unanimously for cool design and technical progress. The car industry is doing its part to strengthen this trend. At car shows, the showpieces are increasingly lined up in plain colors, and the latest models roll through the double-page magazine advertisements all in female.

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Ford mustang boss 302 laguna seca now also the germany

Ford mustang boss 302 laguna seca now also the germany

Munich, 7. October 2011 – the importer geiger cars from munich now also offers the ford mustang boss 302 laguna seca. This version still has the familiar 5.0-liter v8 with 443 hp and 515 nm of torque from the boss 302, but is supposed to make a splash on the racetrack with some modifications.

Stiffer than normal

For the maximum 250 km. In addition, there is a tighter suspension, tires with more grip, and an aerodynamics kit that comes from racing. The setup of steam and suspension is adjustable. As standard, this mustang stands on 19-inch wheels.

More speed, more sound

Ford has dispensed with a backseat without further ado. Instead an additional cross bracing was installed at this place. The steering wheel was covered with alcantara. The recaro seats were taken over from the ford mustang gt500. The driver shifts via a six-speed gearbox, which includes a reinforced clutch. Less suitable for everyday use, but rather for the race track, are the removable mufflers of the exhaust system. This is intended to enhance the imposing v8 sound. A brembo brake system with carbon linings is intended to provide better deceleration. On the race track of laguna seca ford reached with the mustang a lap time improvement of two seconds opposite the normal boss 302. The mustang for the race track becomes 69.900 euros.

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Legitimate requirement

Mountain view / detroit (usa), 28. December 2015 – google negotiates according to a media report with ford over the production of the autonomous cars developed by the inernet companies. As automotive news reported from initiate circles, the two companies were in spoken for some time now. In case you agreed, the partnership could be charged to the upcoming consumer electronics show at the beginning of january in las vegas. Neither google nor ford wanted to comment on the report.

Former ford manager in key position

Maybe google and ford could have a joint venture ground, which is located outside the car concerning goods, yahoo cars. There are already some compounds between ford and google; chief of the car project of the internet company has been a manager since september this year with john krafcik, who previously worked 14 years for ford before. The cooperation could not be exclusive, google was then also with other manufacturers with agreements.

Shortnel became known that google was the division of autonomous cars as a defensive company under the roof of the alphabet inc. Vector. The company is therefore intended to use such vehicles as a taxi fleet. However, google’s obstacles on the path of self-concealing vehicles looks at the strain after the california car authorities have determined, among other things, that autonomous cars can be controlled in an emergency of rampant occupants.

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Vehicle set in china increases according to premium data in july

Vehicle set in China increases according to premium data in July

The vehicle for vehicles on the important chinese car market has further improved in july. According to premier data from the caam manufacturer’s association, the sales of cars and commercial vehicles from manufacturers to the handlers rose by 14.9 percent year-on-year to 2.08 million vehicles, such as the association on tuesday (4. August 2020) in beijing announced. After the first seven months of the year, due to the burglary in the corona crisis of the first annual months, a sales growth of 12.7 percent to 12.3 million vehicles is available.

Detailed figures for cars and commercial vehicles were not first before. The manufacturer’s association caam (china association of automobile manufacturers) also measures sales of the manufacturers to the handlers. The industry association pca (china passenger car association), on the other hand, pays the sale of cars to the end customers – the two data had last deviated some of each other, because apparently the handlers were all over their courts. The pca must first announce his data for july.

The most important market for audi, bmw, mercedes, porsche, vw

China is by far the most important single market of german autoconzes volkswagen (including audi and porsche), daimler and bmw. The covid-19 pandemic had paralyzed economic life in china fruh a year and cost a sales minus at cars of around 25 percent, but the car factories also drove up as early as europe and north america.

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Ford: mulally steps down, fields becomes new boss

The savior of ford is hoarding up. After eight years at the helm of the second-largest u.S. Car company, alan mulally is handing over the helm to his close associate mark fields. The two had together saved ford from the insolvency fate of general motors and chrysler. Most recently, fields was already number two in management and responsible for global day-to-day operations. "Mark has been alan’s partner all the way," bill ford said thursday. As the great-grandson of company founder henry ford, he represents the family’s interests in the company and sits on the powerful board of directors. Bill ford admitted that the search for a candidate for the chief executive position had also been conducted within the company. "But fortunately, the best person was already in the company."Everything else had disappointed him, said ford.

Fields will take over as chief executive on july 1. July 2014, at the same time mulally gives up all offices. He does not yet know what he will do after that, mulally said at a press conference. "This retirement thing is looking good," the 68-year-old joked. His successor is 53 years old. The generational change has been looming for a long time; a week ago, speculation in the american media intensified. According to the original plans, mulally should have stayed until the end of the year. "But alan and i are confident that mark and the entire management team are now ready to take ford forward," said bill ford. Saying goodbye to mulally was not easy for him, he said. "I will miss it very much," said the chairman of the board of directors. "Not only was he a first-class corporate executive, he also became my friend. And that doesn’t happen very often in this industry."Mulally was moved by the praise: "it brings tears to my eyes."

Mulally and his team had managed to steer the company through the 2009 economic crisis as the only one of the three major u.S. Automakers without government aid. Mulally had come from aircraft manufacturer boeing just three years earlier, making him an absolute exception in the detroit auto world. Fields, on the other hand, is a homegrown who has held numerous management positions at ford. The new boss now faces the task of reviving recently sluggish sales in the u.S., returning the european business to profitability as planned in 2015 and expanding the company’s position in the booming asian market. Fields said he would continue the work of his predecessor. And the head of the family, bill ford, does not expect a break with the company’s previous culture. The choice of mark fields is a guarantee for that, he said. "It is an honor for me to lead this great company," said the new number one.

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Small cars, rough tarpaulin

Small cars, rough tarpaulin

Frankfurt am main, 16. September 2015 – toshihiro suzuki is not only the son of osamu suzuki, who made the brand since 1978 to japan’s fourth-gray car manufacturer. He also lives the brand and represents its interests with care, as you can quickly see in personal conversations. And with humor, because suzuki-san can laugh heartily when he feels like it. However, he is very serious about the management plan "suzuki next 100", according to its specifications, he is now dearly to present the new baleno hatchback small car at the international motor show (iaa) in frankfurt am main.

The almost four meter long representative of the so-called "b segments" according to the manufacturer, it has the largest trunk in its class with a storage volume of 355 liters. In addition to space and comfort, a high level of suitability for everyday use was decisive for the design of the hatchback model. Suzuki: "we want to exceed expectations. To do this, he may need all-wheel drive or a particularly small car that still has a lot of space." toshihiro suzuki says about the drive of the new compact: "the baleno is characterized by a very economical engine with turbocharger and direct injection as well as a mild hybrid system. Such booster jet engines will also play a major role in our other models."

Focus on inheritance

According to suzuki, small and all-wheel-drive models such as jimny, swift and vitara are part of the brand’s tradition. In their own way, they embodied suzuki’s two core competencies as a small car and all-wheel drive specialist. Suzuki will continue to focus on this legacy in the future, instead of wanting to go too broadly as a full-range supplier, for example. More than ever, suzuki will put the customer and his everyday needs at the center of its development work. In addition to practical advantages, driving pleasure must therefore also be realized in every model.

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