Siri: spotify co soon as standard streaming service possible

Apple prepares another opening of ios 14 for third-party services. In the first pre-release version of ios 14.5 if it is possible for the first time to set a standard music app for apple’s integrated language assistance system siri: if you want to start the playback of a song or playlist via voice command, siri asks for the first time the installed music app you might use dafur. Siri forwards all music control commands directly to the selected app – for example, to spotify.

Standard streaming service for siri

Three services such as spotify can have been integrated on the iphone since ios 13 in apple’s language assistance system, the user must always have any playback command "spotify" hanging as standard remains firm apple’s music app respectives apple music. Due to the free choice of another standard music service for siri, the extensive addition at each voice command.

Apple has not exploited the appropriate extension for siri so far, accordingly remains open if this as part of ios 14.5 appears. The iphone and ipad update was allowed to be published in marz. The function currently seems to be in a fruhen test phase and does not work smoothly yet. So far, there seems to be no attitude in the operating system to further otherwise to change the standard music app.

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Ecg on the apple watch: alivecor levies competitive rated against apple

ECG on the Apple Watch: ALIVECOR levies competitive rated against Apple

Manufacturer alivecor has strained a new lawsuit against apple in the usa. On a patent suit and a complaint with the us trade committee, competitive rated followed: parallel to the introduction of an in-house ecg function in apple watch series 4 apple have used control over app store and watch operating system to go to third-party heart rate apps. Analysis to do, alivecor leads to the field (alivecor vs. Apple, file number 3: 21-cv-03958, united states district court – northern district of california).

Improvement: algorith music to sabotage

Apple sullen alivecors smartrhythm app succumbed to the injury "different unwritten rules" rejected, it is called in the lawsuit. After alivecor adapted the app multi-apples specifications accordingly, apple have these by undocumented changes in the watchos operating system "saboted" and made this several times in advance unused.

At the same time with the market launch of apple watch series 4, apple then went to the heart rate algorithm in watchos 5 so that third-party providers are no longer able to carry out an accurate analysis on herzerryhtmustionungen. Competition to apple’s ecg app can be practically no longer possible, you have to take the own app to bring back.

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Repairs by third parties: apple warns of non-original cameras

Repairs by third parties: Apple warns of non-original cameras

Apple extends the warning from foreign parts to the iphone camera: if parts of third-party manufacturers are used instead of apple original parts when replacing the iphone camera system, with compatibility and performance ies, the manufacturer said now.

With the ios version 14 shared on tuesday night.4 has apple already integrated a new warning: it assigns customers if the operating system can not verify the camera as original part; the warning is available so far for the iphone 12 model series, it remains displayed on the lock screen for four days and can then be seen in the ios settings.

Apple: risk through improper repair

Repairs by third parties: Apple warns of non-original cameras

apple message if the camera may not be a original part.

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Apple: new tv remote control is lost less because fatigue

There is a lot of praise for the new remote control for apple tv boxes: the overwhelmed siri remote 2 is easier to use, it is called by testers and users, you can not keep it upstairs and even to an on / off switch apple has thought of ontile television model. What is missing, however, is an integrated search function: apple "where is?"-the new remote does not know the new remote. Now the group has uplanted why that is so.

Priority "a little lower"

In an interview, tim twerdahl, his character vice president of product marketing for home and audio, shared with the iphone group, with the prioritat that is the new remote control in apple’s find my infrastructure "a little lower" been. The reason "all the changes" had been, which were made at the siri remote, below that they "now a bit thicker is so that she is not so often falling between the sofa cushions".

In fact, despite a changed form factor, the new siri remote 2 was also allowed to find those who are standing in the apartment or house. Apple had thus had an ultra width chip of the in-house variant u1 can install, as it is also in current iphones, the airtag and homepod minis. This has the advantage that you can locate objects meter accuracy.

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Nesting router finally homekeit-ready

Nesting router finally homekeit-ready

If you like a wlan accessible to apple’s homeckeit compatible wi-fi, get a little more selection. After only two models of the amazon subsidiary eero existed for a long time, there are now also gates from the velop-series from linksys. These mesh routers will finally receive a suitable update that they "homekit network security" compatible.

Update comes slowly, but steadily

However, you can not easily download the necessary update. Instead, she plays linksys gradually, starting with the united states of america. Individual users in europe also report success. To import, the free velop app for ios and ipados is necessary – it is also experiencing that the new firmware is ready for installation or this can be checked. To the homekit compatible velop machines pay the models whw0301, whw0301b, whw0302, whw0302b, whw0303, whw0303b and a03.

Linksys, a daughter of belkin, had already placed an update with homekit support in the early year, then did not have to correct. Apple itself currently calls only said three model series, which are officially compatible – eero and eero pro as well as the linksys velop series, if you support tri-band.

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