Parking at the airport: expensive rates and favorable alternatives

Munchen, 27. September 2011 – who by car to drive to the airport and wants to stop there for the duration of the journey, should inform you exactly about the local parks. The adac has compared the tariffs of 20 german airports. During smaller airport such as augsburg and mannheim itself for long-term parker offering free parking space, travelers in frankfurt, stuttgart or munchen for two weeks have to get up to 250 euros.

Expensive short-term parking zones

It can be more sensitive in so-called "short-term parking zones" will. Lonely leader in this category is according to the automotive club of berlin-tegel airport with a day highset of 140 euros. In munchen in turn costs a week in the most expensive parking garage 190 euros. Stuttgart airport demands in the most pop-up case for 21 days parking 360 euros.

Use spar tariffs

On the other hand, many airport also offer pellested rates. In berlin-tegel, berlin-schreastfeld and dusseldorf can travel air travelers "park and travel"-offers with parking space in the near the terminal and regular shuttle service to significantly cheaper rates than in the parking garages of the airport.

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