Ford mondeo hybrid from 2019 also as a tournament

From 2019, ford will also offer the mondeo hybrid as a station wagon. The drive train will be taken over unchanged from the sedan. A two-liter naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor combine to deliver a system output of 138 kw (187 hp). The air-cooled lithium-ion battery cannot be charged externally, which would be relatively ineffective with a capacity of 1.4 kwh. It is charged via recuperation.

The electric motor in the mondeo hybrid is primarily intended to support the gasoline engine during acceleration and thus reduce fuel consumption. In the test of the mondeo hybrid sedan we came altogether on 5.3 liters, which was to be owed also to the circumstances: the car excites despite its uppigen achievement hardly to move it briskly. In addition, we drove it mainly in the city and overland.

Ford will provide details on price, performance and fuel consumption of the mondeo hybrid turnier in due course. The sedan delivers a few key data, which the station wagon will orient itself on. 9.2 seconds in the standard sprint, 187 km. The price of the hybrid sedan is currently 36.550 euros. The station wagon surcharge for the conventional engines is 1000 euros. The luggage compartment is interesting: the sedan with hybrid drive offers 383 liters, which is significantly less than a comparable mondeo with gasoline or diesel. It should fit 525 liters.

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