Prasidial ordinance for more competition and for a “right to repair”

Prasidial Ordinance for more competition and for a'right to repair''right to repair'

On friday afternoon, us prassident joe biden introduced a prasidial distribution for more competition and against the increasing market concentration in many industries. Central maws against big tech are the sharp control of buying the competition and the scales of competitive practices against smaller sellers. The federal trade commission is intended to adopt new rules against the lease of data on consumers and these should be a right to repair their mobile phones and their tractors themselves – a fight to the "monitoring capitalism".

The increasing market concentration in the health sector, in the banking sector, in agriculture or the provider market more expensive many products for the burger. They increased the prere on wage development at the unfavorable workers and brake innovation, argues the bid government trimmed to numerous studies, including the 450-pine congress freak to the practices of gross platforms. In three quarters of all industries today a smaller number of companies control the market than 20 years ago, it is called in the information sheet on the regulation. The commercial margins had tripled, at the same time the leans were broken by 17 percent and the number of start-ups was halved compared to the 1970s (see chart).

Prasidial Ordinance for more competition and for a'right to repair''right to repair'

He was a proud capitalist, said biders at signing. But capitalism without competition tommy for exploitation. With the regulation, a dozen us federal agents, including the ministry of justice and the federal trade commission (ftc), are called upon to enforce the existing competition and cartel rules rigoros. The woman house is also one "competition council" insert.

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