Apple: new tv remote control is lost less because fatigue

There is a lot of praise for the new remote control for apple tv boxes: the overwhelmed siri remote 2 is easier to use, it is called by testers and users, you can not keep it upstairs and even to an on / off switch apple has thought of ontile television model. What is missing, however, is an integrated search function: apple "where is?"-the new remote does not know the new remote. Now the group has uplanted why that is so.

Priority "a little lower"

In an interview, tim twerdahl, his character vice president of product marketing for home and audio, shared with the iphone group, with the prioritat that is the new remote control in apple’s find my infrastructure "a little lower" been. The reason "all the changes" had been, which were made at the siri remote, below that they "now a bit thicker is so that she is not so often falling between the sofa cushions".

In fact, despite a changed form factor, the new siri remote 2 was also allowed to find those who are standing in the apartment or house. Apple had thus had an ultra width chip of the in-house variant u1 can install, as it is also in current iphones, the airtag and homepod minis. This has the advantage that you can locate objects meter accuracy.

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