Us hedge fund suefens porsche

Porsche is again confronted with a lawsuit of us hedge funds in connection with the failed vw revocation. In the case of a court of the state of new york, several hedge funds filed a complaint under glenhill capital capital, as evidenced by a document published on the website of the court of first instance. They claim a damage of a billion us dollar. "We have no knowledge of this lawsuit," said a porsche spokesman on wednesday. "She was not delivered to us yet."

As at the end of december before a new york federal court, the investors intensifies the early porsche management to have exchanged them for their true intentions. Porsche has always denied to take over the majority of volkswagen and thus the investors curled into a trap, it is called in the court documents.

"We generally consider the lawsuits in the united states for unemployed and unfounded," craved a porsche spokesman. Porsche had secured access to a good 74 percent of volkswagen ordinary shares with difficult shared shares. At the same time, investors bet on falling courses. When the scarcity of the freely tradable volkswagen-stamme was known in autumn 2008, the papers shot at a short time over 1000 euros. To serve your business, the investors had to buy a sketched course. You do this damage now.

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