Ikonos and the decline of the maya culture

Scientists used commercial spy satellite to solve a rough mystery of archaeology

They came out of the darkness of history and disappeared again in an obscure way. Why the maya culture, after an intense period of bloodshed, so silently disappeared from history is still the subject of controversial debate within the ancient world: sometimes there is talk of a devastating earthquake, overexploitation of the rainforest, an ecological collapse, a fatal disease, a sudden climate change or even an invasion by foreign peoples. A nasa researcher, interestingly enough the only employed archaologist of the us space agency, believes now, with inclusion of pictorial material of the spy satellite ikonos, to have found the riddle solution.

Some cultures take the secret of their demise with them to the grave. Perhaps the cultural heritage of the mayan civilization would have been lost for all time in the stream of time, had not some historical sources in the same persistently defied the gnawing ravages of time. If the picturesque pyramids, palaces, public meeting places, stone masks, murals, cisterns, pottery products and tablets embedded in the northern lowlands of the yucatan peninsula (today’s mexico, guatemala, belize) had passed away as the last witnesses of a once flourishing advanced civilization, the era of the mayas would not even have been mentioned in the annals with a marginal note.

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