“Bully for the congressman”

Unabashedly, right-wing extremist websites celebrate the violence against pds politician sayan and auslander

Anyone who doubts whether the attack on the pds politician giyasettin sayan was motivated by racism only has to look around on influential right-wing extremist websites to see the hame and approval expressed there, and thus the context in which such acts of violence are carried out. And the fact that sometimes police officers take action against xenophobic and racist polemics only hesitantly, if at all, had been shown recently by an incident in halle. There, at a football match, the dark-skinned leipzig player adebowale ogungbure was not only insulted and ridiculed by dull "fans" as usual, but also spat at and beaten up. The police did not get the ubeltater, but ogungbure was reported by them for making the hitlergrub cynically in front of the tribune in response to the racist attacks (will the fubball world be a guest of friends?).

This is an apparently tolerated mood in the country, which is soon to receive many people from all over the world for the world cup and which urgently needed to show tolerance and openness to people from all over the world instead of stupid xenophobia in order to remain economically and culturally attractive and efficient. At the same time, the so-called "no-go areas" or "foreigner-free zones", where the german neo-nazis who are not integrated into society and are filled with violence live, are not only a problem for people who somehow do not look german, even if they are. Here, retarded, politically, culturally and economically dwindling parallel societies could form, which, unlike slums or ghettos in other countries, stand for the whole country and can pull it into a dangerous isolation out of a truly blinded, alcohol-tranquilized ideology of supposed identity. "No-go" doesn’t have to be a street, a neighborhood, or a community, but if there is a fear that you are not safe in a place because of your appearance, that is enough.

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