No right not to be born

The french government has lastly rejected the controversial "perruche ruling" put an end to it: disabled people had been granted a right to compensation for their existence

Since the 17.November 2000 france’s disability associations and the pranatal diagnosticians are on the warpath. On this day, the highest french civil court, the court of cassation, awarded damages to nicolas perruche, now 18, because his mother’s rubella had not been diagnosed during her pregnancy and he had been born with multiple disabilities. The perruche ruling has since been upheld twice and the court of cassation has also awarded damages in another similar case (right not to give birth).

The ruling has not only caused anxiety among parents of disabled children, but has also led to an increasing number of ultrasound specialists refusing to make detailed statements for fear of legal repercussions. On 1.January a strike of pranatal diagnosticians was called. The draft law presented by the government on thursday excludes direct compensation for the person concerned, but is already in the crossfire of criticism.

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