Python: pallets publishes six new major versions for flask and co

Python: Pallets publishes six new major versions for Flask and Co

After two years of development, the development team behind pallets project has published six new major versions: flask 2.0, tool 2.0, jinja 3.0, click 8.0, itsdangerous 2.0 as well as markupsafe 2.0. The company offers a collection of open source libraries for web development with the programming language python.

With the new releases, pallets prefer a fundamental change: the company will look at projects such as psf, cpython and django and names the main branch of his repositories in "main" around. Background is a sensitization of terms with a racist background, which has taken place in many technical fields in recent months.

Farewell to python 2 and 3.5

All six releases take farewell to python 2.X and 3.5 and set at least version 3.6 of the programming language ahead. Since october 2020 is python in version 3.9. The pallets development team plans to orient themselves for art versions on the supported versions of cpython. Removing the compatibility code should positively influence the performance and maintainability of the code. The releases were once removed as deprecated (outdated) features, but also introduced new deprecations. Test tools like pytest automatically output warnings from outdated versions, and can convert them to errors, so developers can recover what they should change to their project.

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