Small cars, rough tarpaulin

Small cars, rough tarpaulin

Frankfurt am main, 16. September 2015 – toshihiro suzuki is not only the son of osamu suzuki, who made the brand since 1978 to japan’s fourth-gray car manufacturer. He also lives the brand and represents its interests with care, as you can quickly see in personal conversations. And with humor, because suzuki-san can laugh heartily when he feels like it. However, he is very serious about the management plan "suzuki next 100", according to its specifications, he is now dearly to present the new baleno hatchback small car at the international motor show (iaa) in frankfurt am main.

The almost four meter long representative of the so-called "b segments" according to the manufacturer, it has the largest trunk in its class with a storage volume of 355 liters. In addition to space and comfort, a high level of suitability for everyday use was decisive for the design of the hatchback model. Suzuki: "we want to exceed expectations. To do this, he may need all-wheel drive or a particularly small car that still has a lot of space." toshihiro suzuki says about the drive of the new compact: "the baleno is characterized by a very economical engine with turbocharger and direct injection as well as a mild hybrid system. Such booster jet engines will also play a major role in our other models."

Focus on inheritance

According to suzuki, small and all-wheel-drive models such as jimny, swift and vitara are part of the brand’s tradition. In their own way, they embodied suzuki’s two core competencies as a small car and all-wheel drive specialist. Suzuki will continue to focus on this legacy in the future, instead of wanting to go too broadly as a full-range supplier, for example. More than ever, suzuki will put the customer and his everyday needs at the center of its development work. In addition to practical advantages, driving pleasure must therefore also be realized in every model.

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