Slack expands the security features for corporate customers

Slack expands the security features for corporate customers

Slack has explored some assessments that should increase security in different areas for the commercial offer customers. Thus, companies can now manage their conclusions about the enterprise key management system, and information barriers prevent communication between certain groups in the company.

Regionally stored, globally processed

In addition, slack advances the advanced data residency: companies can store the data in a cloud region obvious to you. In total there are now six data centers outside the us: frankfurt, paris, london, sydney, tokyo and montreal. However, the regional storage is used primarily for faster access to the data.

All data is still in the corresponding data centers at amazon web services (aws), and processing continues to take place in the united states. After the end of privacy shield, regional storage does not bring advantages in privacy. Larkin ryder, chief security officer at slack meant in conversation with heise developer: "the processing of data in the us is a well-known problem, and i do not claim that we have the perfect solution for that." she sees in it but no hurde for european companies.

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