Black and white tv

Munich, 22. May 2014 – suvs, sedans, roadsters and sports cars – a wide variety of car types populate the roads. But our car world becomes only formally more and more colorful. As far as colors are concerned, we’ll remain black and white.

Apple is to blame for everything. After the fact that female car paint has been so out of fashion since the end of the 1980s, the actual non-color has been rapidly catching up again for years. According to a survey by the u.S. Automotive paint manufacturer axalta, most cars worldwide were ordered in weib last year: 22 percent in uniweib, seven percent in perlweib. Axalta has been recording the most popular car colors worldwide every year since 1953. Germany doesn’t shine quite as brightly yet – most people here still like it dark and gray. According to figures from the german association of the automotive industry (vda), black was once again at the forefront of new registrations in germany in 2013, accounting for 28.4 percent of all registrations. Silver and gray follow closely behind with a combined 27.9 percent. The retreat of the greys is rapid: ten years ago, almost every second car was still made in silver.

The retreat of the grays and the "apple effect

Weib is advancing even more rapidly: in 2006, not even two percent of newly registered cars were in female livery – now it’s almost 18 percent again. First car buyers in north america rediscovered the neutral female, then the trend jumped over to asia. And now it has also arrived in europe. Car experts suspect that the "apple effect" is behind the soft wave. In the beginning, the apple brand sold its smartphones and music players predominantly in female – and thus ensured that female stands unanimously for cool design and technical progress. The car industry is doing its part to strengthen this trend. At car shows, the showpieces are increasingly lined up in plain colors, and the latest models roll through the double-page magazine advertisements all in female.

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