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The gun lobby in the us election campaign

U.S. Vice president cheney was celebrated at the annual convention of the national rifle association, soon there could again be legal submachine guns on the market in the u.S

Enthusiastically, american gun enthusiasts celebrated vice president dick cheney saturday night at the pittsburgh convention center. The reason was the 133. Membership meeting of the national rifle association (nra, made famous worldwide by its then-president charlton heston in michael moore’s film bowling for columbine). The reason for cheney’s appearance, who rarely makes public speeches, is the power and membership strength of the gun lobby. Their influence in the u.S. Congress and the white house is so great that submachine guns and other heavy assault weapons, which have been respected since 1994, could soon be freely sold again.

"Four more years, four more years", shouted about 4.000 nra members chanted after his speech to the man considered by many to be the real movers and shakers in the white house and for "the brain" george bush’s. Dick cheney, himself an avid hunter and, more importantly, a shrewd auben and domestic power politician, laughingly accepted the nra trademark from the nra chiefs: a rifle. Charlton heston had made it a symbol in 2000 against democratic presidential candidate al gore, who was arguing for tougher gun laws, brandishing it over his head and shouting that he could have his gun taken away "only from its cold, dead hands" take away.

The nra is not interested in a better display of antique ballers from the war of independence, but in the suppression of any government regulation of the gun market. Ideologically, it invokes the supposedly constitutional right of every american to own guns (gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right). With more than 4 million paying members, an annual budget of about $200 million, distribution of at least a dozen widely read magazines, and excellent connections with congressmen and senators, the organization is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the united states.

Judging by the approximately 65 million gun owners in the u.S. That the nra represents, which amounts to more than 200 million registered handguns and rifles and a gun in nearly every second u.S. Household, the association is indispensable to the campaign calculus of any presidential candidate. To increase its clout and its threat potential, the nra sometimes uses unconventional methods, such as a black enemies list (get off the gun and drop the pony)!), on which it placed dozens of celebrities and mainstream organizations just because they wanted to restrict the availability of firearms after numerous deaths by slide irons in the hands of children and teenagers became known.

At the annual meeting in pittsburgh, nothing provocative but ambitious was announced from the technical/public relations division. The lobby has been producing since friday, right on time for the start of the conference, with a "nra news"-company on a daily basis and will probably host an internet talk show until the presidential elections in november. For this, arch-conservative talk radio host cam edwards was hired from oklahoma city. The purchase of a radio station is reportedly close to completion. Political and financial background for the leap into the new and old ather waves are the regulations imposed on organizations like the nra in the election year. As a registered news organization, the nra is allowed to make political statements at will. "Just as abc is owned by disney, nbc is owned by general electric and cnn is owned by warner aol we go into the news business", nra vice president wayne lapierre announced.

The law against heavy assault weapons, introduced under clinton, could be dropped

Although the nra has not yet directly called for the reelection of george bush, it was clear from cheney’s remarks and the applause that rang out against him that bush’s opponent, john kerry, is being built up into a hate object: "john kerry approaches the second amendment with ‘regulate, regulate and regulate again’", cheney scolded. And: "senator kerry constantly supports punishing honest manufacturers for offenses committed by criminals." kerry, for example, voted against a bill in the senate this year that protected arms companies from lawsuits.

However, cheney did not want to say anything clear about the legal respect of heavy assault weapons – as it has been in force since 1994, but in september of this year it was up for reaffirmation or rejection by the president. The so-called "assault weapons ban", which expires on 13. According to several arances, bush intends to re-sign the brady bill, which will at least make it illegal to sell crude military weapons on the civilian market.

But several organizations advocating tougher gun laws, such as the brady campaign or the initiators of rallies against the gun lobby, are already pointing out that the white house is doing nothing to get congressional support for it. Against the will and power of the nra, it was not only necessary to rewrite the existing law, but also to plug loopholes. For example, there are quite a few models of "post-ban"-assault weapons. One of them, a version of ar15 rifle, is called "bushmaster xm 15", and with him two years ago a sharpshooter moved washington d.C. For days in fear and terror.

The fact that bush has not taken any action so far, as well as the republican majorities in the house of representatives and in the congress, suggest that there will be no "assault weapons ban" will give more. What then would mean that on the streets of american cities again will be seen colts and berettas, uzis and kalashnikovs, as well as their modernized recaptures.

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