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The cabinet of horrors made up of losers

The cabinet of horrors made up of losers

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The downfall of schulz, merkel and the spd – a commentary

It was almost forgotten that we have been without a government since september 2017. Certainly no one missed it and lo and behold: the country worked anyway. Now, after four months and two run-ups, the formation of the government should be completed. It must be acknowledged without envy that some less progressive countries are getting their act together faster. The cdu/csu, spd, grune and fdp were much quicker to reach agreement on the increase in the diats in december 2017. But bygones be bygones.

Now our political elite from the previous and actually rejected grand coalition has agreed by hook or by crook to cling to power and create a second edition of the unpopular groko. The reason for this is also the fear of new elections and a further strengthening of the afd. But the latter will profit from a new edition of the groko anyway and, in our opinion, overtake the spd in the polls.

Once again, things that did not fit together, do not want to be together and, above all, do not belong together are coming together. But the power-loving and self-absorbed protagonists schulz, merkel and seehofer want to govern at any price. And the price for this is high – very high!

Even the first groko did not initiate anything important and dealt intensively with side ies. The country and essential topics such as infrastructure and digitization (where we are on the decline in international comparison) have fallen by the wayside.

What do you expect from a sequel?? If z.B. If a film flops, no sequel will be made because everyone knows: it won’t get any better because the story is simply bad.

Merkel’s oath of revelation and schulz’s incompetence

Just like the merkel motto: "we can do it" the will of the voters has been skilfully ignored and it has been shown what one secretly thinks of the election results and the opinion of the citizens. The more bitter realization is already now: it is not about the welfare of the people or the country, but it is above all about power, about posts, about the supply of veteran merkel loyalists, about pensions and opportunism.

The coalition agreement and the allocation of ministries is a bankruptcy declaration of our politics and especially of angela merkel and the weak leadership of the cdu. In terms of content, the cdu is not definable – just as the spd is not. Both former people’s parties are empty of content and ready to throw all principles and ideals overboard for power. This will be bitterly avenged in the future.

Didn’t merkel say the following in october 2017:

It is obvious that the spd is not capable of governing at the federal level in the foreseeable future.

(angela merkel)

In order to maintain her power, however, she has now given the most important ministries to precisely this party and is taking the risk that incompetence will lead this country further into the abyss. With only 20% of the vote, the spd receives 40% of the ministries!

We are fangless and raging! Even when martin schulz was only the spd’s candidate for chancellor, he was completely out of his depth – what will it be like on the world stage of politics when he enters it as a prime minister?? The post is not just one, but ten numbers too big for him, and he will fail sensationally, making germany look ridiculous in the process. We expect schulz to continue his dogmatic stance and now use more german taxpayer money to advance the failed euro and the eu – at the expense of the burghers.

If he was really concerned about europe, he would not have been allowed to take on the prestigious office of minister of the economy. But everything else meant real work. The travel job is naturally exactly his thing. Rough appearances, being important, making speeches, shaking hands, waving to the people, a lot of words and little content and no deeds. Comrade olaf scholz has also thrown overboard everything he had previously said about the groko for power and a ministry. Everybody is after himself … Hopefully, the federal budget under his direction will not get out of hand like the costs for the elbphilharmonie in hamburg. The chances that a new financial crisis will again have to be handled by an spd finance minister are not bad.

As a democrat and voter, this development is extremely frustrating. Winners are few – losers are many: above all, we burghers and democracy have already lost. Germany will also experience another fatal standstill – and it will be expensive!

Merkel has not recognized the signs of the times and is thus in no way inferior to her foster father helmut kohl. The end of ara merkel has already begun and her time is over. In spite of everything they continue and increase the damage to the maximum. The cdu is driving merkel completely ad absurdum.

The importance it attaches to the chancellorship is shown by the ministries it has sacrificed to the spd. But those who now believe that the spd is the winner of these negotiations are making a huge mistake. The spd – and especially the eu bigwig schulz – have failed grandiosely. Even within the spd, schulz is more unpopular than some cdu politicians – and that’s saying something. We are sure that the spd will continue to lose in the next election and fall well below 20%. It will suffer the same fate as the social democratic parties in italy, austria, france, etc. It will disappear into nothingness. Especially with a sympathizer like andrea nahles at the helm, the end of the spd is preprogrammed. With her you do not win a pot and certainly no elections. If this is the top of the spd, electoral defeats and a slide into insignificance are guaranteed. Nahles and schulz are the perfect picture of what’s wrong with professional politicians and why we have an enormous elite problem.

Now we can only hope that the spd base will oppose the complete destruction of the spd and vote against the continuation of the groko – also for the good of the country. If not, no one should get upset and be surprised if the old parties lose more percentages in the next election and the afd and the left gain more. The negative selection in our political landscape is quite remarkable. If schulz is now spooled back to the top and becomes aubenminister, and nahles becomes head of the spd, it will become clear to everyone: we need a radical change in politics!

You really can’t eat as much as you want to eat groko(tz)en.

To end on a good note, watch this video. There is nothing like sincere, honest and characterful professional politicians. It’s no wonder that more and more people are becoming disenchanted with politics or are looking for and finding alternatives.

This man will, if the spd base agrees, present our country worldwide.

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