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“Bully for the congressman”

Unabashedly, right-wing extremist websites celebrate the violence against pds politician sayan and auslander

Anyone who doubts whether the attack on the pds politician giyasettin sayan was motivated by racism only has to look around on influential right-wing extremist websites to see the hame and approval expressed there, and thus the context in which such acts of violence are carried out. And the fact that sometimes police officers take action against xenophobic and racist polemics only hesitantly, if at all, had been shown recently by an incident in halle. There, at a football match, the dark-skinned leipzig player adebowale ogungbure was not only insulted and ridiculed by dull "fans" as usual, but also spat at and beaten up. The police did not get the ubeltater, but ogungbure was reported by them for making the hitlergrub cynically in front of the tribune in response to the racist attacks (will the fubball world be a guest of friends?).

This is an apparently tolerated mood in the country, which is soon to receive many people from all over the world for the world cup and which urgently needed to show tolerance and openness to people from all over the world instead of stupid xenophobia in order to remain economically and culturally attractive and efficient. At the same time, the so-called "no-go areas" or "foreigner-free zones", where the german neo-nazis who are not integrated into society and are filled with violence live, are not only a problem for people who somehow do not look german, even if they are. Here, retarded, politically, culturally and economically dwindling parallel societies could form, which, unlike slums or ghettos in other countries, stand for the whole country and can pull it into a dangerous isolation out of a truly blinded, alcohol-tranquilized ideology of supposed identity. "No-go" doesn’t have to be a street, a neighborhood, or a community, but if there is a fear that you are not safe in a place because of your appearance, that is enough.

Even though some people – encouraged by the italian tourist’s alleged false testimony that he was the victim of a xenophobic attack – may suspect, even in the left-wing party, that sayan could have taken advantage of the heated atmosphere in the country to increase his chances of running in the fall elections by staging himself as the victim of a xenophobic act, the situation was put in perspective by the right-wing scenes. One celebrates there, rejoices and makes one’s jokes about the victim, in any case blatantly approves of the attack in its racist and xenophobic orientation, as in the stortebeker network, and thus indirectly calls for further acts of violence, or describes sayan’s testimony as a "narrative presented with genuine oriental fantasy":

A beating for the deputy – pds showpiece apparently sought too much closeness to the people.

Complaining alone doesn’t help, apparently two young people thought when they jerked a berlin member of parliament of the pds to his body last night in berlin-lichtenberg and gave him what used to be called a "proletarian beating" in left-wing circles when it hit a political opponent. It is an open secret that the left party pds is always helping such groups logistically and materially. In this case, for a change, it hit one of the masterminds. In this context, it is piquant that it is not just any member of parliament, but the pds quota turk giyasettin sayan (56), who has been sitting for the pds in the berlin house of representatives since 1995.

In the course of the dispute, sayan received one or more blows with a bottle after a verbal argument in which expressions such as "scheib auslander, scheib turke" were allegedly used, which caused him a concussion and several bruises. A circumstance that can only be called lucky for sayan, since he would probably have gotten off less lightly in a similar confrontation with his fellow citizens, since in these circles one usually prefers somewhat more drastic means to deal with unpleasant contemporaries.

The victim deserved it and can be happy that he got away with it, he was beaten to hospital by members of a high culture. One praises the tightened foreign law in france and then, despite cynical rhetoric, makes unmistakably clear the racism that has been created and the approval of violence against foreigners that it contains:

So, of course, there is nothing against the immigration of qualified people in professional areas where they are really needed, but what about all the foreign human material already in the country, dab as useless humanoid gauze to call ethics, good education as well as a look into criminal law prohibits?

And, of course, there is also a charge, i.E. That – referred to as the "opposite side" – the proportion of xenophobic or racist crimes is vanishingly small and the number of crimes committed by foreigners is high:

In fact, the number of "xenophobic" acts of violence in berlin is more than modest. So for the year 2005 there were just 18 (!) noted. And the other side? According to official police crime statistics for 2005, there were 23 murders in berlin that year. The percentage of foreign suspects is 43.8 percent. In addition, there were 46 cases of manslaughter in 2006. Proportion of foreign suspects 42.5 percent.

In 610 cases of rape and sexual assault in particularly serious cases recorded in berlin in 2005, the proportion of foreigners was 38.5 percent; in 235 cases of other sexual assault in the same period, the proportion of foreigners was 34.9 percent.

According to the crime statistics of the berlin police for 2005, the number of crimes is generally declining, but this is not actually the case for non-germans, although their number is difficult to estimate because tourists, illegal immigrants, border commuters or visitors are not counted here, but the number of offenders is:

The crime rate of young non-germans is disproportionately high overall, especially in the area of violent and brutal offenses, especially sexual offenses and robbery in public.

Crime statistics 2005 for berlin

The number of right-wing motivated violent crimes has also decreased, while the number of other crimes has increased, although this could also be attributed to more stringent police action. The increase in "propaganda crimes," damage to property and violations of the law on assemblies is particularly striking.

Nationwide, however, the picture is different from that in berlin. In general, the number of crimes committed and reported is declining, and in general the proportion of german offenders is increasing, while that of non-germans is declining – and has been doing so continuously for many years. For example, the proportion of non-german suspects aged 21 and over was 33.8% in 1993, but only 24.0% in 2005, while the proportion of german suspects rose from 66.2% to 76%. This is similar for suspected adolescents (18-21 years), where non-german adolescents accounted for 42% in 1993 and only 20.1% in 2005. Among children up to 14 years of age, however, there was an increase from 17.7 to 18.6 among non-germans compared to 2004. While there has been a general decrease in all crimes committed by german and non-german children, the proportion of suspected german children in cases of bodily injury has increased by 0.5%.

The proportion of non-german juveniles between 14 and 18 years of age suspected of crimes has also decreased since 1993 from 27.6% to 17%, but has remained more or less constant since 2002. However, there was an increase of 2.3% in suspected physical injuries among german adolescents and 3.3% among non-german adolescents. In general, the proportion of non-germans among the suspects is not directly comparable with that of germans. It is unknown how many non-germans are living illegally in germany or as tourists, transients, etc., in situations that also lead to a higher risk of crime among germans. Reside here from time to time. Many crimes naturally concern foreigners or asylum law, which does not concern germans at all. Moreover, germans and non-germans also differ in other important respects:

According to the study, non-germans living in germany are disproportionately male, under 30 years of age and urban dwellers, and thus more likely to have properties or to be temporarily resident in germany. Live in situations that also lead to a higher risk of crime among germans.

A "different reporting behavior" of germans and non-germans is also mentioned. This is not explained further, but is probably to be seen as non-germans, especially if they are in the country illegally, were allowed to file fewer charges. Non-germans make up a larger proportion of suspects in cocaine trafficking, human trafficking, gambling and pickpocketing. And the suspected non-germans naturally also include people from other eu member states.

According to the report published today by the federal minister of the interior, mr. Schauble, in 2005 there was a 27% increase in politically right-wing motivated crimes and, above all, a 23% increase in right-wing extremist violence. Naturally, the number of websites run by german right-wing extremists, on which racist ideology is spread and violence is approved, has also increased. However, this, as well as the above quoted statements, is hardly a reason for "all people in our country to feel safe". One has the impression, however, that the "fight against international terrorism", by which islamist extremists are meant, is much more important and obvious to schauble.

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