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Problems with microsoft outlook: june patches disturbed pst files

Problems with Microsoft Outlook: June Patches Disturbed PST files

The heise editorship has been contacted by a reader, which reports by a striking problem, which now reports some people: with outlook 2016 open, only the repair of data files is offered. The attempt to set up a new outlook profile with new data files shows no effect. The reader writes: "we could find the problem with customers with exchange / o365 accounts and at a customer with pop3 mailfachers."

The author of this article was also known to the problem because it got information from us bloggers. First messages in the forum of askwoody.Com show that it gets wide. Also in the microsoft answers forum can be found in descriptions of the error image.

In all cases outlook refuses to start because of the damaged pst file. The attempt to repair outlook on the internal functions does not help any further. Currently it is unclear whether the problem is drawn in outlook through a windows or an office update of june 2020. The author is known only in outlook 2016.

A possible workaround

In some cases, an intervention seems to help the registration of windows and the lot of the information where the pst files are stored. The relevant key is:

Hkey_current_user \ software \ microsoft \ office \ 16.0 \ pst

There are the value last corruptstore with the path to the pst file and the 32-bit dword value promptrepair. Afterwards, the outlook client is restarted and then tested if the error message is gone.

Microsoft confirmed the bug

Microsoft has now published a support contribution: the problem probably occurs with office 365 in the click-to-run variant. Once the outlook client on the 2005 build 12827.20268 or highly updated, it can come to the mistake.

Printer problems encountered by june security updates, can be resolved with a correction update.

[update] this problem was made by microsoft in the monthly channel version 2005 build 12827.20470 and high fixed. To install the repaired build of outlook, select file, office account, update options, update now and allow to update the client.

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