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Legitimate requirement

Mountain view / detroit (usa), 28. December 2015 – google negotiates according to a media report with ford over the production of the autonomous cars developed by the inernet companies. As automotive news reported from initiate circles, the two companies were in spoken for some time now. In case you agreed, the partnership could be charged to the upcoming consumer electronics show at the beginning of january in las vegas. Neither google nor ford wanted to comment on the report.

Former ford manager in key position

Maybe google and ford could have a joint venture ground, which is located outside the car concerning goods, yahoo cars. There are already some compounds between ford and google; chief of the car project of the internet company has been a manager since september this year with john krafcik, who previously worked 14 years for ford before. The cooperation could not be exclusive, google was then also with other manufacturers with agreements.

Shortnel became known that google was the division of autonomous cars as a defensive company under the roof of the alphabet inc. Vector. The company is therefore intended to use such vehicles as a taxi fleet. However, google’s obstacles on the path of self-concealing vehicles looks at the strain after the california car authorities have determined, among other things, that autonomous cars can be controlled in an emergency of rampant occupants.

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