Repairs by third parties: apple warns of non-original cameras

Repairs by third parties: Apple warns of non-original cameras

Apple extends the warning from foreign parts to the iphone camera: if parts of third-party manufacturers are used instead of apple original parts when replacing the iphone camera system, with compatibility and performance ies, the manufacturer said now.

With the ios version 14 shared on tuesday night.4 has apple already integrated a new warning: it assigns customers if the operating system can not verify the camera as original part; the warning is available so far for the iphone 12 model series, it remains displayed on the lock screen for four days and can then be seen in the ios settings.

Apple: risk through improper repair

Repairs by third parties: Apple warns of non-original cameras

apple message if the camera may not be a original part.

Ford mondeo hybrid from 2019 also as a tournament

From 2019, ford will also offer the mondeo hybrid as a station wagon. The drive train will be taken over unchanged from the sedan. A two-liter naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor combine to deliver a system output of 138 kw (187 hp). The air-cooled lithium-ion battery cannot be charged externally, which would be relatively ineffective with a capacity of 1.4 kwh. It is charged via recuperation.

The electric motor in the mondeo hybrid is primarily intended to support the gasoline engine during acceleration and thus reduce fuel consumption. In the test of the mondeo hybrid sedan we came altogether on 5.3 liters, which was to be owed also to the circumstances: the car excites despite its uppigen achievement hardly to move it briskly. In addition, we drove it mainly in the city and overland.

Ford will provide details on price, performance and fuel consumption of the mondeo hybrid turnier in due course. The sedan delivers a few key data, which the station wagon will orient itself on. 9.2 seconds in the standard sprint, 187 km. The price of the hybrid sedan is currently 36.550 euros. The station wagon surcharge for the conventional engines is 1000 euros. The luggage compartment is interesting: the sedan with hybrid drive offers 383 liters, which is significantly less than a comparable mondeo with gasoline or diesel. It should fit 525 liters.

Huygens’ minutes of truth approach

The most exciting and spectacular unmanned space mission of all time is approaching its climax: tomorrow, the esa research probe huygens will land on saturn’s mysterious moon titan

Discovered in 1655 by the dutch astronomer christiaan huygens (1629-1695), titan, with a diameter of 5120 kilometers, is coarser than mercury and pluto and, after jupiter’s moon ganymede, even the second coarser moon in the solar system altogether. But a constant, dense orange-brown carpet of clouds, consisting of methane and other hydrocarbons, envelops its face. No one knows exactly how it will happen "including" looks. Tomorrow morning, esa’s huygens lander will push this murky curtain completely aside. On its way in exobiological mission, the small robot will dive into the atmosphere of the moon, land on it and u.A. Look for amino acids. Will huygens forget the beagle disaster?? The esa researchers were told it was true.

If everything goes according to plan, huygens will emerge tomorrow at about 10 a.M..06 o’clock cet in a relatively steep angle of 65 degrees and with a speed of 6 km/s into the atmosphere of titan. The target area is over the southern hemisphere on the day side. The capsule, protected by a heat shield, will decelerate to 400 m/s within three minutes and then deploy its 2.6-meter parachute at an altitude of about 160 km. This screen will remove the rear cover of the probe after 2.5 seconds, so that the main screen with its 8.3 m diameter can come to light and stabilize the probe.

Apple: new tv remote control is lost less because fatigue

There is a lot of praise for the new remote control for apple tv boxes: the overwhelmed siri remote 2 is easier to use, it is called by testers and users, you can not keep it upstairs and even to an on / off switch apple has thought of ontile television model. What is missing, however, is an integrated search function: apple "where is?"-the new remote does not know the new remote. Now the group has uplanted why that is so.

Priority "a little lower"

In an interview, tim twerdahl, his character vice president of product marketing for home and audio, shared with the iphone group, with the prioritat that is the new remote control in apple’s find my infrastructure "a little lower" been. The reason "all the changes" had been, which were made at the siri remote, below that they "now a bit thicker is so that she is not so often falling between the sofa cushions".

In fact, despite a changed form factor, the new siri remote 2 was also allowed to find those who are standing in the apartment or house. Apple had thus had an ultra width chip of the in-house variant u1 can install, as it is also in current iphones, the airtag and homepod minis. This has the advantage that you can locate objects meter accuracy.

Us hedge fund suefens porsche

Porsche is again confronted with a lawsuit of us hedge funds in connection with the failed vw revocation. In the case of a court of the state of new york, several hedge funds filed a complaint under glenhill capital capital, as evidenced by a document published on the website of the court of first instance. They claim a damage of a billion us dollar. "We have no knowledge of this lawsuit," said a porsche spokesman on wednesday. "She was not delivered to us yet."

As at the end of december before a new york federal court, the investors intensifies the early porsche management to have exchanged them for their true intentions. Porsche has always denied to take over the majority of volkswagen and thus the investors curled into a trap, it is called in the court documents.

"We generally consider the lawsuits in the united states for unemployed and unfounded," craved a porsche spokesman. Porsche had secured access to a good 74 percent of volkswagen ordinary shares with difficult shared shares. At the same time, investors bet on falling courses. When the scarcity of the freely tradable volkswagen-stamme was known in autumn 2008, the papers shot at a short time over 1000 euros. To serve your business, the investors had to buy a sketched course. You do this damage now.

Formula 1: heidfeld replaces injured kubica

24 days before the formula 1 season opener, nick heidfeld’s return to the cockpit is complete. As expected, the driver from monchengladbach will replace the injured pole robert kubica at lotus renault. "I would have liked to return to formula 1 under different circumstances, but i am proud that i have been given this chance," heidfeld said in a press statement on wednesday evening. Team boss eric boullier spoke of the "ideal man for the job".

In his only test drive for lotus renault, heidfeld convinced the team right away: best time in the race. The rest was a matter of form, after the team had repeatedly emphasized that they wanted to sign an experienced driver for kubica. "The team has been through a difficult few weeks and we had to react quickly. We gave nick a chance last week in jerez and he really impressed us," explained boullier, whose decision was actually expected on monday after the test drives. Heidfeld is fast, experienced, gives strong feedback from a technical point of view and understands the car, boullier praised.

This is not the first time that heidfeld’s career has taken a decisive turn practically at the last printer. In his williams days, the now 33-year-old once learned of his re-signing only five minutes before the presentation. Last season he was a mercedes substitute and pirelli test driver, followed by a five-race stint with sauber at the end of the season.

Gentle insights: the new honda insight in detroit

Gentle insights: the new honda insight in detroit

Detroit (usa), 12. January 2009 – so far, honda played on the german market for hybrid vehicles only a supporting role, which dominates toyota prius clearly dominates the hybrid compact class. But honda made it clear in december that a lot is expected in the hybrid sector in the nearer and medium-sized future. After suggesting that honda the new insight for under 20.000 euro wants to offer, the attack on toyota also succeeded in the german market. First of all, the insight is at the north american international auto show (17. To 25. January 2009 in detroit) in the floodlight.

4.4 liters for five persons

The chic styled car reminiscent in many elements strongly on honda’s fuel cell flagship fcx clarity. Inside, according to honda, the insight offers a spacious funf man cabin with a backbank tube retrievable in the ratio 60 to 40. However, at the center of interest is the drive system: a 1.3-liter four-cylinder light metal engine with 65 kw (88 hp) is supported by a 10 kw electric motor (14-hp). On average, the drive should be 4.4 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, the co2 outlet top amounts 101 g / km. The fact that the co2 outstanded is lower than after the previous computing scheme, according to honda, with the euro-5 homologation of the insight, the 5 percent share of bioethanol is considered considering.

Something surprisingly is in view of the mildhybrid technique that the insight can drive up to "medium speeds" purely electrically. According to honda, this occurs, for example, at inner-stadtical constant ride often, without having to force this by pressing a button. In this case, the internal combustion engine is not decoupled, but run without fuel supply and with slightly sooped valves, so that only a little motor brake torque applies. When braking and sliding operation, electrical energy is moving into the nickel-metal hydride battery (recuperation), which sits in the rear underbody of the vehicle. As a transmission acts as well as the civic hybrid a stepless transmission (cvt).

Youtube: trump founded for another week

YouTube: Trump Founded for another week

The video streaming platform youtube has recurred the blocking of the outgoing us prasident donald trump by a week. This reports the mirrors calling on the news agency afp. Accordingly, trump can no other videos on youtube, the comment function remains disabled – according to youtube indefinitely.

In mid-january, youtube trump had initially locked from his platform for a week, the temporary spell had expired on tuesday.

Further stalk to violence conceivable

Youtube released the report of the mirrors according to twitter, on his youtube-channel, his appendine on the day of publicity on wednesday layers of newly elected us prasident joe biden and thus provoked violence. Because trump continues to be brought to his re-election due to electoral fraud. Evidence for this statement did not exist.

The car of the others

The car of the others

It is a phenomenon that is repeated again and again in cars that are advertised as being particularly economical. Whether it’s the golf gte, the passat gte or the ford mondeo hybrid, they are all above-average in power, yet it’s the attempt to get as close as possible to the manufacturer’s promises of fuel economy that appeals most. Which then raises the question of why such cars necessarily have to have around 200 hp. We were not able to clarify this in our test of a mondeo hybrid either. But it provides clues as to why the majority of european customers currently do not prefer the hybrid drive system.

No choice

It starts with the body choice in the case of the mondeo hybrid: there is no. If you want the hybrid drive, you have to go for the notchback – which is not available for all other engines. In this country, the mondeo hybrid will have such a hard time convincing a relevant number of customers, because the station wagon is more in demand in this vehicle segment than the alternatives. In asia and america, tastes are different and station wagons are the exception. It is not the only concession to these markets.

The design of the hybrid drive resembles that in the toyota prius. The two-liter gasoline engine is connected to a continuously variable transmission, which houses two electric motors. One is used exclusively as a generator to recharge the battery. The other is to assist the gasoline engine in accelerating the car. The battery is quite small at 1.4 kwh and can’t be recharged via a power outlet. Nevertheless, it is astonishing how large the share of purely electric or with e-support is: according to the on-board computer, the e-motor was involved in well over 50 percent of the kilometers we drove. Engaging the gasoline engine is smooth, only those who pay close attention will notice a minimal jerkiness.

Burma: where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video show

Nowadays war is always a war of images. This applies even, or even more so, to a country as hermetically sealed as burma. The fact that pictures and videos of the war waged by the military junta against its people are leaking out at all is largely thanks to the technical possibilities of the internet.

More than 100 videos documenting the clashes can currently be found on youtube alone. And even major tv stations are now forced to use footage that was illegally shot on location, mostly with cell phone cameras. In order to prevent all this, the military junta has meanwhile cut off internet connections to foreign countries. Murderers prefer to kill without eyewitnesses.