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Black-out in crimea

The power supply from ukraine was interrupted by acts of violence. Russia declared a state of emergency on the peninsula

Crimea was completely cut off from electricity supply, the head of the power company krymenergo told the russian news agency tass. The four main power lines that ran from ukraine to the peninsula were destroyed.

Russia has declared a state of emergency in the crimea.

According to reports, the power supply to crimea was forcibly cut off in kherson, ukraine, and repair work was prevented. Those responsible are identified among crimean tatars and the right sector, for example in a report from rt this morning. Linked is u.A. On a photo of a destroyed power pole. According to a statement from ukrenergo love the damage remained on the use of explosives.

Some two million residents must prepare for reduced power supply with blackouts, according to the emergency plan announced by crimea’s energy minister, sergei yegonov, after a morning crisis meeting. Crimea’s own generation of electricity was attributed only "create less than half of the required amount":

The maximum consumption in the morning at the current temperatures is 800 mw. We have 350 mw from our own power generation and need another 450 mw. Therefore, we will implement a schedule of temporary interruptions.

Fuel for generators will last for about 30 days, said deputy prime minister mikhail sheremet. Currently, all cities are connected to the power grid, it said. According to a bbc report, simferopol, yalta, and saki have been "partly" reconnected by generators. According to other sources, sheremet referred not only to diesel generators, but also to wind and solar power, which are available to crimea for self-sufficiency.


Crimean tatars, along with right sector militants, have been blocking access roads to crimea and preventing shipments for weeks, the kyiv post reports. Apparently, the ukrainian government has had enough.

Yesterday, 100 soldiers of the ukrainian national guard were sent to chaplinka in the southeast of cherson, where one of the destroyed power poles was located, to fight against the blockade of the "activists" to proceed. The ministry of interior in kiev ordered this to ensure that the power poles could be repaired. They were supported by the police and other security forces. There were arguments.

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