With bjork in the bitstream

Mtv plays with formats to make video clips www-ready

The interactive broadband revolution, with movies, documentaries and art videos delivered to the home via the internet, always seems to be just around the corner, and has been for some time now. However, most home users still have the problem of transmission rates to fully enjoy network-ready interactive digital movie formats. Mtv, the broadcaster that made the music video popular, is now trying out a format called webeos or i-clips, which is supposed to translate the video clip into the www, bandwidth-saving but clickable. Krystian woznicki has been exposed to the flickering per second and reports from the front of networked home entertainment.

Since the end of august, the online platforms of the music television channel mtv have been enriched by interactive clips. What is called webeo in the usa is called i-clip in germany. "A new media format", as promised in the accompanying declarations, these internet clips are not, at least from a technical point of view. Scripted (programmed, you shouldn’t really call it), the clips are in macromedia director and flash, packaged in shockwave.

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