Julian assange: even biden government continues to go on delivery

Julian Assange: Even Biden government continues to go on delivery

The new us government also wants to use that wikileaks-grunder julian assange is delivered from greath britain. This reports the news agency reuters calling on a speaker of the us department of justice. According to this, the ministry also wants to proceed under the lead of monty wilkinson against the youngest court ruling in the great britain: at the beginning of january, the state court in london decided that assange was not delivered because of the detention conditions which were expected in the usa. The us had appealed against the decision and also after joe biden’s office is obviously no turnaround.

Next no freezing

Julian assange has been sitting in a high-security hospel in london since april 2019, having found refuge for years in the london embassy of ecuador’s. The us asks for his delivery and throw him in, stolen and published together with chelsea manning secret material of us militar collections in iraq and in afghanistan. By contrast, us informants have been dangered, the reproach is. Not only his supporters see in him a journalist who brought war crimes to light. For example, the un special rapporteur for torture in the matter sees a praisia for the procedure against investigative journalism.

Opponents of the delivery request had hoped that the new us government under joe biden has not continued to put assange in the usa in court. With that she had knocked on barack obama, writes reuters. At that time no delivery was sought because of assanges work on very journalistic activities ahelse. Only under his successor, donald trump, the harsh charges have been written against assange, which now serve as the basis for the delivery arrangements. However, their chances of success are no longer rough anyway, had about reporters without limits. Assange still remains in detention, a freestong on deposit had rejected the court, since he has already shown how rough the rivalry is.

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