Mercedes: jaws against warnings rejected

The warnings against mercedes employees in bremen after a spontaneous strike are right. This has the labor court of the hanseatic city on tuesday (16.2.2016) decided. If the employer does not have to remove the warnings out of personal files, said the chairman judge paola bosch said. 30 worked had complained against daimler. Your salaries now want to be in vocation. (az: 6 ca 6166/15)

The plain was not just about the jerking of the warnings, but above all the question of what fundamental rights workers have. In december 2014, 1200 mercedes employees in the bremer factory had been resigned during the night shift their work to protest against the outsourcing of work straps in logistics. The factory management then sent more than 760 warnings.

According to daimler, the strike was illegal. "The union has explained exemplary in the present case that they did not carry that," said daimler lawyer ulrich baeck. According to german strike right, only trade unions call for work lightning and the strikes must be related to collective bargaining.

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