Nesting router finally homekeit-ready

Nesting router finally homekeit-ready

If you like a wlan accessible to apple’s homeckeit compatible wi-fi, get a little more selection. After only two models of the amazon subsidiary eero existed for a long time, there are now also gates from the velop-series from linksys. These mesh routers will finally receive a suitable update that they "homekit network security" compatible.

Update comes slowly, but steadily

However, you can not easily download the necessary update. Instead, she plays linksys gradually, starting with the united states of america. Individual users in europe also report success. To import, the free velop app for ios and ipados is necessary – it is also experiencing that the new firmware is ready for installation or this can be checked. To the homekit compatible velop machines pay the models whw0301, whw0301b, whw0302, whw0302b, whw0303, whw0303b and a03.

Linksys, a daughter of belkin, had already placed an update with homekit support in the early year, then did not have to correct. Apple itself currently calls only said three model series, which are officially compatible – eero and eero pro as well as the linksys velop series, if you support tri-band.

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