Does not the ecb need to be criticized more harshly??

The ecb is doing a reasonable job under the given circumstances, which include its own dogma

In the last few days it has become too colorful for some of our readers. They criticize us for being too sympathetic to the european central bank (ecb) and its latest billion-dollar program.One asks why we did not join the fierce criticism from the left-wing political spectrum of the ecb’s latest decisions. There it is insisted that all this helps again only the banks and the speculators, not however the normal burger.

It is also said that the central bank is completely ignoring the possibilities that exist to stimulate the economy in a way that at the same time helps to reduce inequality. The argument has even been taken up by the faz! But then the leftists should become clairvoyant. When this newspaper criticizes redistribution at the expense of the little people, it surely wants to attack something else entirely, in this case the ecb, of course, and any argument will do.

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