Formula 1: ferrari on the brink of retreat?

In the discussion about the new engine plan for formula 1, ferrari patron sergio marchionne has not ruled out a withdrawal of the traditional racing team in the worst case scenario. "What i mean is that formula 1 has been part of our dna since the day we were born. It is not that we can define ourselves differently. But if we change the sandbox to a degree where it becomes unrecognizable as a sandbox, i don’t want to play anymore," marchionne said, pictorially, according to media reports.

Financially, a possible exit of the scuderia from the royal class of motorsport would not be a disadvantage for the group. Marchionne even said he would be "super happy" to be the boss who withdraws ferrari from formula 1. He would then work on an "alternative strategy" to the racing series, the 65-year-old said. Ferrari is the only racing team to have been in formula 1 since the first grand prix in 1950.

The current engine regulations and the concorde agreement expire at the end of 2020. This basic agreement regulates the distribution of revenues. Formula 1 owner liberty media wants to make the racing series fit for the future. This includes, among other things, a reduction in costs, which is also to be achieved through cheaper and simpler engines. A draft of the future power units was presented on tuesday. "Liberty has some good intentions, one of which is to reduce costs for the teams, which is a good thing," marchionne said. However, he added that the intended future strategy would take away the uniqueness of the engines. Among others, industry leader mercedes had also expressed reservations about the plan of the rights holder and the world motorsport governing body fia.

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