Mediterranean notes for the data center location germany

Mediterranean notes for the data center location Germany

Germany offers data center operators only mediocre conditions. At this end, the consulting company arcadis comes in his data center location index 2021. It has examined the location conditions in 50 established and emerging it nations. At the same time, but, among other things, go to the most attractive data center locations in europe, among other things because of the high data demand, the analysts.

Guided in the worldwide comparison are the usa, followed by singapore and japan. After that, northern europe: sweden, norway, danemark, the united arab emirates, finland, france and switzerland completed the top10. The federal republic of germany landed in 26th 26th. Before her, among other things, gross britain (13), luxembourg (17), the netherlands (19), poland (20), estonia (23), austria (24) and russia (25), behind it the tax paradise ireland ( 28), lithuania (29) spain (30), italy (31), belgium (32), iceland (36), portugal (37) and czech republic (38).

In addition to the reliability, the nature and costs of energy supply, the duration of the approval processes, the cyber security, the data protection and the provisions for the protection of privacy on the framework conditions, also the operating costs, state incentives and potential environmental impact.

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The gun lobby in the us election campaign

U.S. Vice president cheney was celebrated at the annual convention of the national rifle association, soon there could again be legal submachine guns on the market in the u.S

Enthusiastically, american gun enthusiasts celebrated vice president dick cheney saturday night at the pittsburgh convention center. The reason was the 133. Membership meeting of the national rifle association (nra, made famous worldwide by its then-president charlton heston in michael moore’s film bowling for columbine). The reason for cheney’s appearance, who rarely makes public speeches, is the power and membership strength of the gun lobby. Their influence in the u.S. Congress and the white house is so great that submachine guns and other heavy assault weapons, which have been respected since 1994, could soon be freely sold again.

"Four more years, four more years", shouted about 4.000 nra members chanted after his speech to the man considered by many to be the real movers and shakers in the white house and for "the brain" george bush’s. Dick cheney, himself an avid hunter and, more importantly, a shrewd auben and domestic power politician, laughingly accepted the nra trademark from the nra chiefs: a rifle. Charlton heston had made it a symbol in 2000 against democratic presidential candidate al gore, who was arguing for tougher gun laws, brandishing it over his head and shouting that he could have his gun taken away "only from its cold, dead hands" take away.

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