Ruin porn, ghost town: photographer fucking around detroits image

The city tour of jesse welter begins at a graffiti-enamed wall in the dead industrial district of detroit. Uber rusty steel, rubble and broken glass he rises to the duster’s ground floor "fisher body plant 21" – an abandoned six-step concrete colos in the northern part of the city, where autoshow general motors once produce vehicle parts. Today, the building is a run-down industry ruin – and thus one of the most popular stations on welters tour.

"Specializing in the beauty of detroits historical and abandoned architecture", welter welter his excursions on the internet. For $ 75, he brings photographers and other visitors to remote places of former autometropolies, which strides with population loss, a tremendous debt mountain and one of the highest crime rates of the country. One or two tours makes welter per week, and demand does not rub off.

What the detroit connoisseer offers its tour visitors, enjoy the heart of many photographers. On hundreds of thousands of square meters of urban expiration show encrusted steel rib, bocklining plaster, crumbling furniture and an underground gallery of first-class graffiti or third-class lubrications. Hotels, churches, schools, factories – welter knows the most impressive, partly spooky of the approximately 40.000 to 60.000 buildings demolished or completely renovated in detroit.

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“The thing with peeing in bottles”: amazon designates tweet as “own goal”

The world-growing online trade amazon has apologized for a twitter examination of that, where and how to do their emergenturft, at a us deputy. On the easter weekend, the group of multimilliardar jeff bezos in a message that delivery drivers sometimes did not find any toilets and thus confirmed for the first time reports, according to which employees urinate under high time prere in the stressful working day in bottles. That this was first scored about an official twitter account of amazon is one "own goal" been.

"The thing with peeing in bottles"

The conflict had begun the penultimate week with a critical tweet of the member marc pocan of the democratic party: "employees $ 15 to pay hourly wage, does not make one one "advanced workplace", if you go against unions and urinate worked in water bottles". Amazon had first killed in unusually sharp tone at twitter: "you do not really believe the thing with the pee in bottles?". And further: "if the true goods, no one was working for us."

Although the bezos group was clearly: "we apologize to the deputy pocan". An apology to the affected employees does not contain the statement, however, kerne amazon to attack the pinch problem. "We do not know yet how, but we will look for solutions." however, the company also emphasized that it was an industry-wide problem that did not restrict themselves on amazon and gave themselves from the rising public toilet in the corona crisis.

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Software diversity in software development

Software- Diversity in software development

Especially in software development many groups are underprinted. Drove to homogeneous teams actually to worse software? If yes why? The topic has definitely affecting software architects, the working environment and employers. To the new episode of software architecture.Tv are lars hupel, lena kraaz and aminata sidibe by innoq invited. They discuss with eberhard wolff, how to improve diversitat in software architecture and development and whether that is a good idea.

The broadcast takes place in tomorrow’s friday at 12 o’clock live, the result is ready afterwards as recording. During the live stream, questions can be asked via twitch or youtube chat, by twitter to @ewolff or anonymous with the form on the videocast website.

Software architecture.Tv is a video cap by eberhard wolff, blogger and podcaster heise developer and well-known software architect in services of the it consulting company innoq. Since june 2020, 28 episodes have arisen, which illuminate different areas of software architecture – sometimes with gastles, malff solo. Recently tied heise developer the over the youtube streamed new episodes each in the online channel, so viewers from the heise media can follow the video cap.

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