The “improvement of study conditions” is a matter of interpretation

The munich vwl-facultat organizes its "summer ball", financed by entrance fees, sponsors – and tuition fees

After all, it’s only 500 euros, one could argue. In the case of the economics faculty at munich’s ludwig-maximilians-universitat, this corresponds to 62 cents per student. Nevertheless, how was that again with the earmarking of the tuition fees, to the "improvement of the study conditions" (kind. 71)? How can the partial financing of the "13. Summer ball of the vwl" under this earmarking still justify?

And why is that necessary at all? At least, the summer ball takes place at a relatively exclusive venue. Nevertheless: 22 euro entrance fee, 17 euro for students, in each case inclusive buffet. Or 12 euro without buffet. In addition sponsorships of three business enterprises, and the participation of the alumni club "econnect" – that should be enough, but at least it should be able to replace the rather marginal subsidy of 500 euro. "In the meantime, this project has already been stopped," says markus gnad, a spokesman for the bavarian science ministry. "This would certainly not have been a good use of tuition fees."Whether the project would also have been legally questionable, however, could not be answered at the ministry of science. "The ‘improvement of study conditions’ is an imprecise term, including social benefits such as the establishment of childcare for the children of studying mothers."In any case, a simple hint from the ministry was enough to make the faculty rethink, no prere was exerted. Gnad: "our contact with the university is so good that we were able to settle this through official channels."

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