Financial and ministry of justice “blockchain bond” enable

Financial and Ministry of Justice'blockchain-anleihe' ermoglichen'blockchain-anleihe' ermoglichen

The federal government is working to open german law for electronic securities on the basis of the blockchain. Iers are meant to be able to choose from articles whether they want to spend bonds as a traditional certificate or electronically. The currently compelling "documents" was abandoned.

This sees a speecher design for the tuesday "law for the introduction of electronic securities" before, from the federal ministries for finance and for justice and consumer protection . The freedom of freedom should therefore be considered first on holder bonds, the inclusion of other forms such as shares but "at a later date".

"Tour of innovative technologies"

"In the financial market there is the increasing requirement, innovative technologies" how to use the blockchain, justify the ministries your project. The decentralized storage and database technology is well suited for the purpose. However, the planned clause is neutral, an electronic edition of securities should also be outside "distributed ledger technologies" murdle.

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