Marketing for photographers: how to become unique!

A little experiment: please look at your watch! Every day each of us is about 13.000 advertising messages exposed. Since i ame that you have been on my legs for a few hours, they were already seen several hundred advertising messages at this time. Remember the last three of them? If you know this question "yes" be answered, i envy you for your thought. If no: do not worry: that’s how most people are!

Competition forces us to communicate

This small experiment shows in which dilemma we are: on the one hand, our spiritual recording capacitance does not grow so fast that we can process all the advertising impresses that are consciously processed on us roaring. On the other hand, the number of advertising messages we are exposed to daily. Guilt is the growing competition. We all have to fight that there are companies that make something similar or exactly the same as we do. That’s exactly why we have to communicate. The question is: people can remember them when looking for a photographer? Or burn only money in the fight for attention?

We read an article and are interrupted in our read flow through an advertisement, we are sitting at the airport and just want to see a video on youtube briefly and have to bear the advertisement before this video. How do you feel in such moments? The consequences of unwanted and annoying advertising communications were recently examined in the study communication crackdown: more than half of the respondents surveyed whether they continue to remain customer of the advertising company. 63 percent indicate to want to spend less money with these companies. And with two-thirds of respondents, the brand loyalty drops drastically. No particularly pleasing result. But how is it relevant to them, instead of being annoyed, to be perceived to get an order?

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