Mercedes classic center irvine

Irvine, california (usa), 23. June 2016 – irvine is a three-quarter hour of los angeles, at the intersection of highways 5 and 405. Only a few miles away from costa mesa, newport beach, corona del mar or laguna beach, some of the richest communities in the usa. Probably nowhere is the density of oldtimers high than here, between los angeles and san diego. A flyer on the stragecke is as well as everyday as the new porsche 930 turbo, whose owner is currently coming from early sports.

Around ten years ago, daimler built an oldtimer workshop in irvine with the classic center, which quickly gained world call. It was clearly worthwhile to set up a dependance of the classic center in the schwabische fellbach. This restoration specialist with museum has built daimler, similar to porsche, bmw, jaguar land rover or ferrari in local arches. Measurailed vintage cars reprappeeled again, but also has rough charm here in california. So many rolling contemporary witnesses and financial customers can only be found here. Since 2007, they have been bringing their historical cars to review, repair or complete restoration to the classic center under the driving of michael kunz.

Behind the mirrored glass panes of inconspicuous construction, even experienced classical friends go the eyes over. A few meters behind the desk and a pair of decoration elements shines a black mercedes 300 d adenauer in new condition with "1961" on the vanity-plate (desired license plate). Right next to it: a wives 300er roadster, a bright red mercedes clk 63 amg black series, a flyer and the faithful replica of the tricycle of bertha benz. Caution. Best take someone with that you can warn you from unuitized actions: all vehicles in the exhibition space are for sale!

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