Politicians plan reintroduction of data retention

Merkel to urge eu commission to quickly draft new directive

In france, the twelve-month data retention period that has been in place since 2006 was unable to prevent either the massacre at the charlie hebdo editorial office or the murders of jewish supermarket customers and police officers. Thanks to her, all that is known now is that the fugitive hayat b. Last year huygens made about 500 phone calls to the wife of the assassin cherif kouachi. To what extent this can contribute substantially to finding the truth is an open question. But because both individuals were known extremists, there was no need to monitor the telephone and internet connections of the entire population in any case.

Nevertheless, in the wake of the attacks, german politicians are coming forward with calls for the reintroduction of this tool, which has been halted by the federal constitutional court: thomas strobl, a member of the cdu in baden-wurttemberg (who was surprisingly defeated by the relatively unknown guido wolf in a member poll to select the top candidate for the 2016 state elections late last year) told the mirror in this context, "every day without data retention" be "for the safety of citizens a lost day". According to him, this is not about "total surveillance" or "temposunder" [sic], but around "organized crime, child pornography and terrorism".

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Wind energy: federal network agency writes offshore flat

Wind energy: Federal Network Agency writes offshore flat

The federal network agency has announced two flats in the north and a flat in the baltic sea for wind turbines. The tender volume amounts to a total of 958 mw, including 658 mw in the north sea and 300 mw in the baltic sea. The wind farms should be completed by 2026.

The federal government is seeking to expand offshore wind energy by 2030 to 20 gw. So far, about 7.8 gw electricity are generated on german flats in this way. By 2025, the federal network agency wants to launch a total capacity of just under 9.7 gw.

No systems currently under construction

Counters can be bids up to 1. September 2021 are submitted, the highest value for bids amounts to 7.3 ct / kwh. The bidder should receive the bidder for the advertised flats, which registers the lowest demand for demand for a wind farm on the flatness, emerges from the tender . For two of the three flats are statutory entry rights of the companies, which were originally planned offshore wind farms.

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