Parental allowance: commercial break from life

The maximum payments of parental allowance are to be spared from the austerity plans, according to the family ministry. It would be better to abolish parental allowance altogether, as designed by von der leyen

That there will be cuts in parental allowance is considered certain. Achieving the government’s savings target "cannot work without savings in parental benefits," announced family minister schroder. Where it short wants, does not stand however yet firmly. Decided is still nothing, one became "still different models durchrechnen". But schroder has already made it clear what is not to be saved on.

The maximum payments for high-earning parents should be exempt from cuts. The high benefit of 1800 euros per month, paid for one year, must remain untouched. Whoever wants to cut back here has "not understood the basic idea of parental allowance". The original plan to increase the paternity months from two to four months, and thus to increase the parental allowance, which is limited to one year, to 16 months, is off the table. Also the introduction of the partial parental allowance.

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