Coilovers for vw polo v from kw automotive

Coilovers for vw polo v from kw automotive

Fichtenberg, 12. August 2009 – the new vw polo is barely rolling down the street, and it’s already getting closer. Tuner kw automotive now offers three different coilovers for the fifth generation of the small car.

Galvanized or stainless steel

Variant 1 with a fixed damper detection and a tuv-tested lowering in an adjustment range of 35 to 65 millimeters, the coilover suspension is supposed to offer a good mix of sportiness, comfort and safety. There is a galvanized version and a version with stainless steel housing, which should ensure a long life even with sporty use and winter use. The second variant of the coilover suspension is always made of stainless steel and is delivered with an adjustable rebound damping. Here the driver can make beside the individual lowering also still another anpang in the setup and adjust to its personal needs.

Derived from motorsport

The third version was derived from motorsport and is intended to provide sporty performance or high comfort, depending on the setting. The separately and independently adjustable compression and rebound damping allows a wide variety of individual chassis approaches. The patented system allows the adjustment of the rebound and compression damping for slower speeds. The so-called high-speed range, on the other hand, is fixed, which is intended to improve driving safety. The coilovers for the new polo are available from 799 euros. The scope of delivery includes a tuv certificate and detailed installation and adjustment instructions.

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