Peugeot 4007 from december with double clutch transmission

Peugeot 4007 from december with double clutch transmission

Saarbrucken, 11. September 2009 – the peugeot 4007 came to the market in 2007. The suv is identical to the citroen c-crosser and the mitsubishi outlander. So far, there was the 4007 with a 156-hp diesel and a 170-horsepower petrol engine, where the latter was also available with cvt automatic. Now the gasoline is unparalleled. The 2.2-liter diesel is now available with the serial six-speed circuit also with a six-stage dual-clutch transmission. For peugeot it is called "dual clutch system" and is cured with dcs. The 4007 is the first peugeot model with such a gearbox.

Two wet couplings and switch pads

As with dual-clutch transmissions, the transmission control ahead, which gear is likely to be required as a nasty and sets it. So particularly fast gear changes will be allowed because only must be circulated. The driver can also intervene in the gear selection via switching rockers. The now introduced dcs system works with two wet couplings. This construction allows the collaboration of the transmission with the 380 newton meter diesel dry clutches were easily heated at high torques and had to be roughly rough in such torques.

Somewhat knights mouths the performance information: during the manual switch 9.9 seconds for the acceleration to 100 km / h, the dsc execution requires 11.1 seconds, even the final speed is lower with 198 km / h by 2 km / h. Consumption in the nefz amounts to dcs 7.3 instead of 7.0 liters. What these for a double-clutch gear are rather unfavorable values, we could not clear so far.

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