Gestalt therapy: citroen at the 2008 paris motor show

Gestalt therapy: citroen at the 2008 paris motor show

Koln, 4. September 2008 – you’re used to a lot from citroen, but with the hypnos they’re exhibiting a vehicle in paris at the beginning of october for which the term "concept car" seems to be an understatement – at least if you look inside, which has truly hypnotic qualities.

All-conner with hybrid

For the sake of order: "hypnos" comes from the greek and means "sleep". However, the new citroen study is not intended to tempt onlookers to doze off; rather, the fabulous shapes are meant to be an eye-catcher at the trade show booth. According to the company, the hypnos combines the dynamics of a coupe with the elegance of a sedan and the spaciousness of an suv. In addition, a color-designed interior ensures a "sensual driving experience" for the four occupants, according to citroen – if you are still sane after a closer look. For instead of seats, neon snakes seem to wind through the interior, with a hypnotic effect that cannot be entirely denied. It’s nothing new that designers let off steam in the interior, but what this creation is supposed to communicate to the viewer remains a mystery to us.

The information about a hybrid drive with 200 hp total output and a fuel consumption of 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers, which is supposed to sit somewhere under the hood, is more gripping. The french put the co2 emissions at 120 grams per kilometer. To what extent the hypnos points beyond gestalt therapy into the future, we do not know. Maybe he’s citroen’s way of saying they’re planning a crude hybrid sedan and will go for organically flared shapes in the future. We will certainly find out more in paris in october.

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