Mother of the privacy policy: the “108” will be 40

Mother of the Privacy Policy: The'108' wird 40'108' wird 40

It is considered the mother of the first privacy policy of the eu adopted in 1995. At the same time, she may also refer to as a father of modern privacy in times of automated data processing. Today "international day of privacy" will the convention 108 of the council of europe in strabburg, with full title "convention on the protection of man in the automatic processing of personal data" homes, 40 years old.

On the 28th. January 1981, seven of the then twenty member states of the regional states of staff signed. Only on four years later she entered into force with the ratification by sweden. The signatory state turkey even needed so long that ratification was still working there before 2018 named the neufang – just 108+ – by the now 47 member states was decided.

Basic data protection as a prerequisite for transfers

The 108+ continues the tradition of the 108 insofar as it tries to regulate the data protection ies of the future in a globalized world. For the total scope of the ratifying states, it guarantees the protection of the burgers in times of increasing data collection and data transfers. Everyone is eliminating that data is collected and processed only with his consent or legal basis. He has a fundamental claim for information, correct position and release. A distinction between data protection in the private and public area has never made the 108.

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