Lazy compromises

The energy and climate newsreel: while climate protection is being negotiated in poznan, the french president is watering down eu climate policy

This year’s un climate conference began in poznan, poland, on monday. Over 10.000 government delegates, environmentalists, journalists and lobbyists will be stepping on each other’s toes until friday next week. Strictly speaking, the meeting is a double conference: a cop (conference of parties) to the un framework convention on climate change, which has now been ratified by 192 countries (including the usa), and a conference of the "mops" (member of the protocol), i.E. A meeting of those 183 states – the u.S. Is not among them – that have ratified the kyoto protocol.

The kyoto protocol expires in 2012, which is why a successor is urgently needed. It took more than seven years from signature to entry into force because some signatories, such as russia, delayed ratification for a long time. The protocol specifies different reduction targets for the industrialized countries, which must be achieved on average in the years 2008 to 2012.

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